The Leftovers: QB showdown, a Texan from past, new CB

Drew Dougherty has been the host of Texans TV since 2009. Fans sent him questions, via Facebook, and he answered a few in the video above. He answered many more in the article below.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, This week there is huge hype about the 2 quarterbacks, rightfully so. But what about the matchups between the receivers and secondaries? Who has the greatest advantage?

DD: Great question, James. Baltimore has a future Hall of Famer in Earl Thomas, III at safety. Cornerback Marcus Peters is in season five of his NFL career, and he already has 26 interceptions. This year alone, he's picked off four passes, and taken three of them to the house for scores. That playmaking duo alone is ultra-impressive, but Baltimore also has veterans in Brandon Carr and Jimmy Smith who've seen a lot, as well as a young, consistent corner in Marlon Humphrey.

But I'm not sure that defensive backfield has seen a pass-catching corps like DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Stills, Keke Coutee, along with tight ends Darren Fells and Jordan Akins. Mix in Duke Johnson out of the backfield, and possibly Will Fuller V if he's back from injury, and it'll be a heck of a matchup.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, If you could pick one Texans player from the past and add him to this year's team, who would it be?

DD: I love these type of questions, and John Harris and I basically have a podcast that covers this type of thing in the offseason. You said the past, so I'll rule out any injured Texans and anybody that's still in the NFL on another team. The easy answer would be Andre Johnson or Arian Foster, but I think the Texans are pretty solid at the receiver and running back positions this year. So how about some help in the pass rush? For that, I'd turn to Mario Williams or Antonio Smith. Plug them in and see what they could do in getting after the quarterback.

Bruce Fox: Dear Drew, How many touchdowns for each quarterback?

DD: Hey there, Bruce. Good stuff. Gimme some combo of four (throwing or running) for Deshaun Watson, and three for Lamar Jackson.

Denarius Street: Dear Drew, Will Bradley Roby be ready for Sunday?
DD: He was a limited participant in Wednesday's practice, and head coach Bill O'Brien said he was in a group of players "trending in the right direction." I get the sense we won't know one way or another until 10:30 a.m. CT on Sunday, when inactives are announced.

Matt Taylor: Dear Drew, High or low scoring game this Sunday?
DD: Something with the winner scoring the low 30's, and the loser in the high 20's.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, with Vernon Hargreaves, III coming in this week do you see him getting any snaps in the Baltimore or Indianapolis games?
DD: I do. I think he'll likely play more in the Indianapolis game. But based off what we've seen this season with Phillip Gaines, Gareon Conley and Briean Boddy-Calhoun, it's likely Hargreaves will hit the field. All three of those players were acquired and then played in the next game.

Patrick Harris: Dear Drew, Are the Texans actively looking to find a General Manager?

DD: Sure. I think it'll be more active though, when the season finishes. Whether or not they actually hire one, remains to be seen. The current leadership structure has been pretty aggressive in acquiring talent for the roster.

Matthew Garza: Dear Drew, Do you think Deshaun Watson will ever wear a visor?

DD: It's interesting how much attention this has received. I doubt he will. I think the London game would've been the most likely scenario, as he was coming off the game prior when he was cleated in the eye. But he didn't wear it then, and I'd be mildly surprised if he wears one again. Now, if he gets poked or kicked in the eye again, then all bets are off.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, What is the count of 1st round picks we've given up this year vs former first round picks we've signed?

DD: Two and five. The Texans traded away their next two first round picks in the deal that brought them Laremy Tunsil and Stills. So the next first-rounder is in 2022. Barkevious Mingo was a first-rounder in 2013. Tunsil was a first round selection in 2016, two picks behind fellow first-rounder Vernon Hargreaves. Gareon Conley was a first round pick in 2017. Bradley Roby was a first round pick in 2014.

JM Reyna: Dear Drew, Do you think Lamar and Watson's previous battle will play a role (if any) to either of them?

DD: I don't think so, JM. The cast of characters around each quarterback is drastically different. That happened three years ago, and it was a fun matchup, but it's totally separate. I'll tell you this, though: each guy is fiercely competitive and wants the win, but I don't believe the Clemson-Louisville game will play a role in that.

Dan Flores: Dear Drew, What's the latest on Fuller and the O-line? Is everyone gonna be 100 percent and ready to go?

DD: Offensive line-wise, it's looking good. Tunsil almost played in London, so I think with a week off he'll be good to go for Baltimore. He was a limited participant in Wednesday's practice. Fuller was limited as well, and he's a bit more of a question mark for Sunday.

Oved Carranza: Dear Drew, What's the Real Story on Coutee's lack of playing time?

DD: O'Brien was asked about it, as was Coutee, and each declined to really say much. They did bring up "attention to detail", and were both very optimistic about being a factor after the bye, so I think there's a good chance Coutee's back making plays in Baltimore.

On another note, it was cool seeing you in London, Oved. Hope you had as much fun as I did!

The Houston Texans roster in photos.

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