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Houston Texans

The Leftovers: RB position, an OC, the Draft and more

From Twitter and Facebook, asked Drew Dougherty a lot of questions. He answered a few in the video above, and a bunch more in the article below.

@DimasQ08: Dear Drew, What are the chances the Texans will have a new offensive coordinator? Will it be someone already on the inside or will it be on the outside? Or is it too soon to know?
DD: Dimas, based on what Bill O'Brien said the day after the season ended, I think there's a decent chance we'll see the Texans hire an offensive coordinator. O'Brien said "we'll take a look at everything. We always try to make the best decisions in the best interest of winning." I could see someone already on the coaching staff getting elevated to the coordinator position. We'll probably find something out, one or the other, in the next week.

@David134270: Dear Drew, I just want to know if you are going to put the mannequin head with the jewelry back on the table for good luck even for the Draft?
DD: I don't think so, David. I think the mannequin head served its purpose during the 9-game win streak. Also, I'm pretty confident that general manager Brian Gaine and his personnel staff are going to put together another productive Draft class. They got a lot of help in 2018, and weren't able to pick until the third round. Now, they have a first-rounder (23rd overall) and a pair of second-rounders (54th and 55th overall) in addition to picks in the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th rounds. Plus, the mannequin head got thrown away after it fell in a trash can and got covered in soy sauce.

Bea Leal: Dear Drew, Who do you want to win the Super Bowl Rams or Patriots?
DD: Rams. Gimme the new blood.

@daviesinator: Dear Drew, Do you think the #Texans will draft a RB? Or sign a free agent one?
DD: I could see them drafting a back in the middle to later rounds. Alfred Blue is the only running back that will be a free agent. Pro Bowler Lamar Miller is under contract, as is third-year player D'Onta Foreman. Buddy Howell and Josh Ferguson are also under contract. The former's never carried the ball in a game, while the latter rushed 15 times for 20 yards in 201 with the Colts.

Ryan Brackenridge: Dear Drew, Does CBs Byron Murphy/Deandre Baker intrigue you enough, to wait and use both 2nd round picks on offensive linemen?
DD: Depends on which offensive lineman are available, if indeed Murphy and Baker are still there when the Texans pick 23rd. No matter what, I think Houston will take a corner and offensive tackle with at least two of those first three picks.

@OfficialDadez: Dear Drew, What are your plans for this offseason?
DD: Work, big baby. We'll be in Indianapolis for the Combine in a month. I'll go the Draft in Nashville in April. After that, the season is basically upon us with the start of OTAs and whatnot.

Jorge Blackfish Rodriguez: Dear Drew, Should the Texans draft a defensive lineman and cornerback to make the defense elite again?
DD: Jorge, I think the Texans will definitely draft a cornerback very high in late April. Hopefully he and the rest of the Draft picks, and whoever else Houston signs in free agency, will help the 2018 defense pick up where it left off. They were fourth in the NFL in points per game allowed and also recorded 28 takeaways.

Warren L. Boggs: Dear Drew, I've seen several mock drafts that have us taking Trayvon Mullen in the first round. Do you see us taking OT or CB in the first?
DD: Yes, Warren. I do think the Texans will use their first round pick on either an offensive tackle or a cornerback.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, What will be your go to show to binge watch this off season?
DD: Oof, I don't have much time to binge on anything. My wife and I have four little kids at home. You got any recommendations?

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Hey Buddy what's your favorite food during Super Bowl? Is it chili, tamales, tacos, wings, sliders, veggies (GROSS), or something else?
DD: Hey buddy, I'm pretty simple: wings, pizza, chips and French onion dip, and a few cold beers. How about you?

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