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Houston Texans

The Leftovers: Texans to London, Camp update, Potential draftees

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions (submitted via Facebook) in the video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below.

Giselle Pagan: Dear Drew, Will the Texans play in London this year?
DD: Giselle, I'd be stunned if they didn't. They're one of just two or three NFL teams that haven't played there. It'll be a road game, likely against Jacksonville, Tampa Bay or the Chargers.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, Are the the Texans going back to The Greenbrier for camp this year?
DD: Chris, it's not official, but it certainly doesn't sound like it. Head coach Bill O'Brien was asked about it the day after the playoff game against Indianapolis, and he said the 2019 training camp is "trending in the direction of being in Houston" and that he believes "it'll be here in Houston."

Matthew Garza: Dear Drew, Do you think we could get Antonio Brown or Le'veon Bell?
DD: Matthew, they could. But I don't think they will. The Texans will likely look to improve the offensive line and secondary, first and foremost.

Adam Norton: Dear Drew, Who can we expect the Texans to draft? Specifically in the first three rounds?
DD: Fantastic question, Adam. With the 23rd, 54th and 55th overall picks, the Texans are in position to take three quality players in the first two rounds. They're also in position to package some of those picks to move up or down via trade. I can't pinpoint names for you just yet, but I'd wager they'll take at least one offensive lineman and one cornerback in those first three picks. It wouldn't surprise me if they took two corners and a lineman or two linemen and a corner with those first three.


Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, I have a free agency question... What's the difference between all the different types/classifications of free agents?
DD: Great question, Samantha. The good folks at have a pretty thorough breakdown of it all **HERE**. But basically, the two main types are unrestricted free agents and restricted free agents. Unrestricted free agents have played at least four years in the NFL and aren't under contract, while restricted have three years of service, and have received a qualifying offer from the team they just finished their contract with. They can negotiate with other clubs, possibly get a better deal, but their previous club can decide to match that better deal if they want.

Darin Fohner: Dear Drew, What are the chances Greg Little (OT - Ole Miss) will be available when we are on the clock in Round 1?
DD: We'll see. He's been mocked to the Texans in a few early mock drafts. But there's a decent chance he goes higher than 23 overall.

Raymond Vinalon: Dear Drew, What are the chances they waste our 1st round pick on a LINEBACKER?
DD: Raymond, I don't think the Texans will use their first-rounder on a linebacker. I believe they'll target an offensive tackle or a cornerback. But would it be a waste if the linebacker turned out to be an inside 'backer like Ray Lewis? Or maybe an outside linebacker like Lawrence Taylor?

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, Will Kevin Johnson come back healthy and play a full season?
DD: Sure, Nick. Kevin's had rotten luck the last few years. He was bounced with a concussion during the first game of the season. He had shown quite a bit of promise in training camp, and it looked like he was ready to rebound in 2018. If he can play the way he did his first couple seasons in the League, the Texans secondary will be much better shape.

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