The Leftovers: WR movement, offensive changes, tunnels

Drew Dougherty is the host of Texans TV, and has been with the organization for 11 seasons. Fans submitted questions via Facebook, and he answered three in the video above. He answered some more in the article below.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, With Kenny Stills hurt, do you see us moving a receiver from the practice squad to the 53-man roster?

DD: Probably not, Jason. There's been no timetable on a return for Stills, but he also wasn't placed on injured reserve. The Texans made some transactions on Tuesday, but the WR spot wasn't involved. That shows they're likely confident in Keke Coutee and DeAndre Carter stepping up and producing in Stills' absence. They might also go to the tight ends a bit more than they have through the first quarter of the season.

Dustin Solice: Dear Drew, How much of the same is going to happen before some kind of change will happen? So much talent on offense and no consistency.

DD: The Texans are disappointed in how the offense played last Sunday. Head coach Bill O'Brien said it was "terrible". Quarterback Deshaun Watson put a lot of the blame on himself. I doubt you'll see the offense have too many, if any at all, performances like the one it had versus the Panthers. O'Brien, Watson and company will go back to the drawing board and make some tweaks and get things rolling again. When he's had a tough game under center, Watson's typically responded with outstanding outputs the next game.

Mike Ledesma Dear Drew, Is there anything wrong with Justin Reid?

DD: He's been on the injury report some this season, but he's started every game. He's a tough player who's made a lot of plays, including 10 tackles last Sunday. He was a big reason the Texans defense was able to keep Christian McCaffrey from breaking any long runs or receptions.

Debbie Garcia Longoria: Dear Drew, What does a fan like myself need to do to be selected to ride out of the tunnel and bring our boys out? I'm ready!!!

DD: Nice, Debbie. I'll let them know. In the meanwhile, just fill out the form HERE.

John Terrell Dear Drew, I got the opportunity to go to the Texans game Sunday, sitting in section 519 I was thrilled to see you just a couple sections away. But I got to ask, what kind of suped up AC do yall have going in your booth that you can be in a suit and your colleague in a coat. I was on the warm side in shorts!

DD: Think cool thoughts, baby. No, it was a little warm on Sunday. I'm naturally on the cold side, though, so I've lizard tendencies I guess.

Nick Garcia: Dear Drew, Why was there no fire and just smoke for the player introductions? The fire makes gameday more exciting.
DD: Sorry Nick. You can blame the Titans for that. They caught their field on fire a couple weeks back, so the NFL cracked down on the pyrotechnics at games.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, How much of the sacks fall on Deshaun Watson, and how many are the result of the offensive line?

DD: Some, but certainly not all. Pass protection involves many components, not just the offensive line. Watson himself said on Sunday that he didn't alert a running back in time to pick up a blitz, and that particular play resulted in a sack. In some instances, the line has needed to block better. In others, a running back and/or tight end and/or receiver might have needed to do more. O'Brien has said he and the coaches need to scheme things up better in certain cases.

Michael Blansett: Dear Drew, Does Bill O'Brien not allow Watson to audible?

DD: Watson is allowed to audible, yes. Sunday was a tough day at the office, but instead of audibling out of plays, executing on some that missed would've altered the outcome of the game significantly. What happens if he hits Will Fuller, V and DeAndre Hopkins on those two deep balls that just missed? What happens if Hopkins throws the ball away instead of tossing the interception? What if nobody was lined up in the wrong spot on the 17-yard Carlos Hyde pickup? Making a few plays here and there drastically change the way a game looks in the aftermath.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, We worked out C.J. Anderson. Is there a concern about the health pf the running back group?

DD: The Texans work out many players on a weekly basis at multiple positions. Many times they're gauging a players' health and whether or not he might be able to contribute. As far as the running back group here, there's been good production thusfar from Hyde and Duke Johnson.

Take a look as our Houston Texans Cheerleaders cheer on the Texans as they take on the Panthers for the second home game of the 2019 NFL season.

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