The Leftovers: WR moves, Conley chatter, Trade talk

In the video above, Drew Dougherty of Texans TV answered several questions from fans in 'Dear Drew'. He answered many more in the article below.

Patrick Harris: Dear Drew, With Will Fuller V out (possibly for a couple of weeks), do you see a big free agent WR signing?

DD: I don't think so, Patrick. The team added Steven Mitchell from the practice squad yesterday. He's an intriguing talent. Mitchell has outstanding speed, and on the one snap he played last season, he drew a pass interference on a deep ball and set the Texans up inside the 10-yard line in Week 17 against the Jaguars. This spring and summer, he mainly played in the slot. But I think if he gets a chance, he can make some things happen.

Dan Flores: Dear Drew, What's your best comeback for all the Colts fans that won't stop flapping their gums about getting the win?

DD: Hey, beat them. Indianapolis won the game, so their fans get to chatter. I do, however, look forward to seeing them again later this season.

Shannon Budaus: Dear Drew, what will be the key component to getting a W in Sunday's game against Oakland?

DD: Shannon, the Texans need to cut down on the mistakes. They turned the ball over twice last Sunday, and only got one takeaway. They also committed 10 penalties, a lot of which kept drives alive for Indianapolis, or killed drives for the Texans offense.

Casey Young: Dear Drew, Laremy Tunsil has been a good pickup so far in protecting Deshaun Watson. But he has 7 false starts so far this year. The penalties are definitely taking away from his good play, what are the Texans doing about it? Is it a timing issue? Is the offensive line coach working extra with him about this?

DD: Remember, he's been with the team less than two months. Even without playing games, the playbook, new teammates, surroundings and more is a lot to digest. He's been brilliant in protecting Watson and moving bodies around in the run game. He'll button up the penalties and you'll see those fall as the season rolls along and he continues to get more and more comfortable.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, Once everyone is healthy, who do you see as the starters in the secondary?

DD: This season, I think you'll likely see Bradley Roby and Johnathan Joseph as the starters, when everyone is full strength. But Lonnie Johnson, Junior and Gareon Conley are both talented and will be big contributors too.

Alejandro Mazal: Dear Drew, I liked the Conley trade. I think he will be a good add for years to come. Do you think any more trades will go down before the deadline on Oct 29?

DD: There's a good chance of that happening, yes. We've seen a willingness on the Texans' part to make deals during the season. The Conley trade happened a few days ago, and remember the Texans dealt a draft pick to the Broncos last year in October for receiver Demaryius Thomas. Another trade would not surprise me.

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