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The Seahawks are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll on Texans Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith and the Texans defense: "Lovie's really got them flying around. They've got a real attack mode mentality. That always has a chance to be disruptive. The defense really starts upfront with them and the way they come off the football and attack the line of scrimmage. They're very aggressive, so they make things happen.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on Smith: "They're coached extremely well. Obviously, Lovie Smith is a tremendous football coach who's been in the league for a long time. He's highly, highly regarded, and highly respected across the league."

Wilson on the Texans Defense: "Houston does a great job of getting after the ball. They punch it out. They make great plays in the secondary. Their linebackers do, too. They do a tremendous job. They play with high effort. This team's a really good football team. I think they've done a great job of making plays. They've got playmakers across the board."

Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Shane Waldron on the Texans Defense: "Looking at all of their turnovers, they do a little bit of everything well. First of all, when you're running with the ball, they're punching at it every chance they get. They're really coming aggressively after the ball, so any loose balls right there, they're coming in fist first. They do a great job of locking it up, whether it's in the open field, or in the core of the line. Anytime that happens, we're ready for that to be part of their plan. Then the secondary and even the linebackers, they do a great job attacking the ball in the air and they've gotten a good amount of picks, 14 of them and a good amount of those has been guys coming down hill and high pointing the football and taking it, not waiting for it to come down to them. 

Carroll on Texans DL Jacob Martin: "He's been a real big effort guy. Real consistent. We always talked about the motor that he had. He continues to play really hard and plays really fast. They move him around and try to place him in places that really make the most of his pass rush, but he chases the football as well as you can. He's a really nice player.

Carroll on Texans QB Davis Mills: "He's really smooth. He throws the ball really nicely. He's got a good enough arm to throw everything. He throws the whole offense. He's moved well enough when he's taking off. He's still a young guy trying to figure it out. He's done a nice job. You can see he can play the position. He's not struggling with it at all. He gets the ball out of his hands well when you pressure him and things like that, so he's not getting hit.

Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner on what the Texans offense looks like with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback as opposed to Mills: "From a scheme perspective, they're pretty much the same, but obviously Tyrod has an ability to run. They have a little bit more zone reads and things where he can keep the ball. They run it with the other guy, but he's not going to keep it too much, and it's not really designed for him to keep it."

See the Texans host the Seahawks on December 12 at NRG Stadium in Week 14.Kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets

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