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The Titans are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "He's a fantastic player. We're going to have to find ways to affect him and disrupt him and be tight in coverage. He's difficult to tackle in the pocket. He's got great pocket awareness, great play strength. He can throw from different platforms and arm angles. He's always looking downfield. If you come out of coverage when he's scrambling, he'll throw it and launch it downfield. He's a fantastic player and obviously we know what type of person he is. Nothing but ultimate respect for Deshaun."

Titans linebackers coach Shane Bowen on Watson: "Obviously Deshaun's having a hell of a year throwing the ball around, doing some different things. They do have some different pieces in there right now, but I think overall, schematically, it's a lot of the same stuff."

Titans linebacker David Long, Jr. on Watson: "He can do whatever he wants to out there. Just us watching film and reading keys that's going to help us play faster and help us get to him before he starts to scramble and make plays on his feet."

Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro on Watson: "Any time a guy can extend the play as long as he does, and he usually finds the open man, it makes it difficult on the defense because you have to plaster your receivers. You have to stay in coverage. You'll see a lot of times on film, guys will come out of coverage and he'll throw the ball over their head. It makes it challenging, but Deshaun's been like that since he's been in the League."

Vrabel on Texans head coach Romeo Crennel: "I think everybody realizes the amount of respect I have for RAC (Romeo) having played for him and really started my career – I had four years in Pittsburgh, but that first year in New England was with RAC. The impact that he made and then being able to play for him in Kansas City again and then coach with him in Houston. He's a better man and husband and dad than he is coach, and obviously he's a fantastic coach. It's those type of people only come around so often and he's certainly made an impact on me as a player and a coach."

Vrabel on Texans WR Brandin Cooks: "It looks like his productivity has increased here recently. Great speed. I think that he's developed a really good relationship with Deshaun and what they're trying to do. We'll certainly have to be aware of his ability to get downfield and stretch the field."

Vrabel on the Texans tight ends: "I think it's a versatile group. It's been a good group. I think that they've become somewhat of a security blanket for Deshaun inside. They all seem to be reliable targets and have really good size. I think that that's probably one of the strengths of their offense."

Titans TE Anthony Firkser on the Texans defense: It's always a tough game when we go against them. They've got (LB Zach) Cunningham, who flies around. And J.J. Watt. They're going to give us a tough game, and we've just got to be physical and control the tempo.

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