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The Top 5: Stories of 2014

The year 2014 is half over.


As the calendar turns to July, it only make sense to look back at the first half of 2014. So much has happened to the Texans franchise, including the hiring of a new coach (Bill O'Brien) and the selection of Jadeveon Clowney as the top overall pick in the NFL Draft.

During that six month span there was endless draft speculation, the naming of a new coaching staff and the welcoming of a new cheerleading squad.

So, what have been the top five most read stories so far?

5. It Wasn't Your Ordinary Pro Day
No college prospect moved the needle like Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel. Manziel, who ended up being selected by the Cleveland Browns, held his pro day in College Station. The workout, which turned into a national spectacle, was covered by our own Drew Dougherty in the piece above. The event was choreographed, complete with music, camoflauge shorts and a former President in attedance. As Drew noted in the title, it wasn't your ordinary pro day.

4. 2014 HTC Squad Announced
The Texans cheerleaders are taking over the NFL. The squad, which has the highest Twitter following of any NFL team, announced the 2014 team this past April. The team was chosen after a long audition process that was televised live on the Texans website. This story, written

The 2014-15 Houston Texans Cheerleaders were announced on Wednesday. Check out the 35-member squad here!

by Kara Cook, was part of our daily 'Breakfast with the Bulls' feature.

3. Texans own 11 picks in 2014 NFL Draft
The NFL draft was front and center for Texans fans throughout the offseason, with the team holding the number one overall pick for the third time in franchise history. Drew's pick guide was extremely popular, as fans followed along with the team's selections. It also listed the team's compensatory picks, one of which was used to select quarterback Tom Savage.

2. Texans 2014 schedule released
I mean, we need to talk actual football right? The 2014 schedule release was extremely well read, as fans got a glimpse of who the Texans would play next season. Included in this main

A look at the stadiums the Houston Texans will travel to during the 2015 season.

story were photos of the team's road trips and the top five most intriguing players the Texans will face off against.

1. reaches out to Clowney
This was the perfect mix. Take one of the team's most popular players (Watt) and combine him with a newly selected number one pick (Clowney) and people will read. Watt's phone call to his new teammate turned into 2014's biggest story thus far. Hopefully these two will continue to make news as the season continues.   

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