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When people were asking me what 2021 game might be good for a road trip, there were many I could think of but Green Bay came up a lot. Yes, it's preseason but the Packers are one of the two oldest teams in the league and the oldest in their current spot, making the city an interesting place to visit.

Long ago there were the Decatur Staleys, Canton Bulldogs and yes, the Green Bay Packers. A walk through the Packer Hall of Fame might not be Canton but it's the next best thing and an NFL team actually plays here. Lambeau Field has been modernized in all the right places, but still oozes history.

Walk into the stadium and almost instantly you hear the ghost of NFL Films' John Facenda bellowing out "The frozen tundra…" You immediately search for the spot in the endzone where the winning touchdown was scored in the Ice Bowl. You're happy it was against Dallas (actually, that's a major editorial comment but I decided to go with it).

Green Bay is a small town by NFL standards, or maybe anyone's standards, and even though they turn this place into a much larger city on game days, Green Bay always holds onto its charm.

There are an endless amount of places to eat. And yes, cheese curds are everywhere. Our own John Harris was raised on them, as a pup in nearby Marinette (before he moved to Houston with his family in the 6th grade. In fact, why isn't HE writing this piece?).

Wisconsin is beautiful in the summer and has sharp teeth in the winter. The Packers are the rallying point. Some have said that they remind you of a college team. I feel like it's almost more of a high school tradition here. A town, a team and a dream (wait I stole this from Friday Night Lights! Sorry).

I'm no Packer fan. When the Cheeseheads descend upon NRG stadium, I'm really hoping they go home unhappy. But I respect the heritage and appreciate where they live, at least in the summer months.

The Houston Texans are on their way to Green Bay to take on the Packers in Week 1 of the Preseason.

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