UPDATE: Mock Draft Survey 6.0

*The Texans will take a wide receiver in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and his name will be Corey Coleman.

The * means, "if you believe the HoustonTexans.com Mock Draft Survey, 6.0.

The Baylor pass catcher was the overwhelming choice by the experts who've published mock drafts in the last week or so. We checked out 33 writers/NFL personalities who put one up, and with 15 votes (45.4%), Coleman ran away from the rest of the pack.

Notre Dame wide receiver Will Fuller finished second with seven (21.2%) selections, while TCU receiver

Josh Doctson was third on the list with three (9.1%).

Overall, 29 of the 33 mock drafters (87.9%) have the Texans taking a receiver at 22nd overall this April.

*Who do YOU think the Texans should take at 22nd overall in the NFL Draft? Please leave your ideas below in the comments section.

BleacherReport (M. Miller)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/25/16
CBSSports (W. Brinson)WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/23/16
CBSSports (D. Brugler)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/23/16
CBSSports (J. Dubin)WR Josh Doctson, TCU3/23/16
CBSSports (P.Prisco)WR Josh Doctson, TCU3/23/16
CBSSports (R. Rang)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/23/16
DraftTek.comWR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/20/16
ESPN.com (M. Kiper, Jr.)WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/8/16
ESPN.com (T. McShay)WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/24/16
FOXSports (P. Schrager)WR Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss3/28/16
Houston Chronicle (J. McClain)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/27/16
Houston Chronicle (A. Wilson)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/27/16
NFL.com (B. Brooks)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/16/16
NFL.com (C. Davis)WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/23/16
NFL.com (D. Jeremiah)WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/14/16
NFL.com (M. Jones-Drew)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/21/16
NFL.com (C. Reuter)DT Chris Jones, Miss. St.3/28/16
NFL.com (L. Zierlein)WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/21/16
Ourlads.comDE Emmanuel Ogbah, Ok. St.3/15/16
PreSnapReads (C. Fahey)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/17/16
Pro Football Focus (C. Collinsworth)RB Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio St.3/16/16
Pro Football Focus (S. Monson)WR Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma3/29/16
Pro Football Focus (S. Palazzolo)WR Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss3/2/16
Real Football Network (P. Kirwan)OT Jack Conklin, Mich. St.3/10/16
Real Football Network (J. Miller)WR Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss3/13/16
Rotoworld.com (J. Norris)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/16/16
SBNation.com (D. Kadar)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/28/16
SI.com (C. Burke)WR Josh Doctson, TCU3/24/16
Sporting News (E. Galko)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/24/16
The Draft Wire (J. Ledyard)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/16/16
USA Today (N. Davis)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/24/16
WalterFootball.comWR Will Fuller, Notre Dame3/23/16
Yahoo.com (E. Edholm)WR Corey Coleman, Baylor3/16/15


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