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Vandermeer's View: So Many Options

If after a few days of combine coverage you're more confused than ever over what the Texans might do with the number one pick, join the club.

If it's a quarterback you want, picking out of this crop will not be easy. While Johnny Manziel oozes charisma, Teddy Bridgewater might have won the battle of the press conferences by dropping a Johnny Unitas reference and saying he eats, breathes and sleeps football, even looking at video game time as "mental reps."

Blake Bortles was humble. NFL Matchup producer Greg Cosell told me Bortles might be the best of the bunch but it won't show up right away because he needs seasoning.

Derek Carr is engaging and had plenty of good things to say about Houston despite his brother having such a tough time in his four years at the helm. Carr even was nice enough to jokingly credit throwing with me after practice as a sixth grader was a big reason why he made it this far.

Watching the QBs interact with each other during workouts, it's easy to see that Manziel is someone people gravitate to. Even Bridgewater said "Johnny's my guy" when asked about Manziel during his press conference.

But the Texans brass must base their decision over who will be the best player. Without a projected 'Andrew Luck' type of prospect, it might be better to trade down or just take the best player on the board. But even the pundits' overall number one player, Jadaveon Clowney, has created doubt as to whether he's worth the top choice.

The saga continues.

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