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VanderMock 1.0


VanderMock – Texans Mock Draft 1.0**Even though we haven't had the Combine and have no clue what's going to happen in free agency, it's never too early for a highly speculative, for-entertainment-purposes-only Texans mock. This will be the first of many (or just two, depending on what mood I'm in). Information is purely from my own research and hypothetical situations are from my somewhere in my cranium.

Round 1
Johnny Manziel - QB Texas A&M
So what if Johnny doesn't throw at the Combine. We all know he can sling it. The most well attended Combine event ever (as far as personnel types are concerned) will be the Manziel weigh-in when his height becomes NFL-official. Russell Wilson's success certainly helps Johnny's cause. And it doesn't hurt that the Texans coach is a New Englander who might still feel bitter about Doug Flutie getting height-profiled out of a legitimate chance to be an NFL QB in his prime (unless he was one of those Flutie-haters).

Round 2
Dee Ford - DE Auburn
After picking Manziel, I'd be tempted to select offensive linemen in the next six rounds. But this feels

almost like 2006 when DeMeco Ryans was sitting there at the top of the second. You see Ford and grab him because the Ninja is a free agent (by the draft, who knows where he is?) and you need help up front to go along with Watt. If Ford drops to this point you take him and celebrate (1st team All-Sec, two sacks in the National Championship game).

Round 3
Yawin Smallwood - ILB UConn
The University of Connecticut quickly becomes this decade's version of Colorado State as the Texans take another Nutmeg state standout (to join Trevardo Williams and Ryan Griffin). Smallwood was a top 25 tackler in the nation this year with good hands who can also get to the quarterback (four sacks, 9.5 TFL).

Round 4
Justin Ellis - DT La Tech

We need beef in the middle of this 3-4 and Ellis provides that with his 6-2, 342 pound frame as Rick Smith finally addresses a request I've been making since Seth Payne left the building: "Please get a huge DT!" Thank you.

Round 5
Wesley Johnson - OT Vanderbilt
If Seantrel Henderson is still here (and he won't be) you'll be tempted to take him but his off field issues caused the drop so you go with a 'project' in Johnson. Hey, it's round 5. Let's rock! Strength coach Craig Fitzgerald will add onto the frame in the weight room and by year two he could be playing a big role.

Round 6
Storm Johnson - RB UCF
In watching all the tape on Bortles, Johnson catches their eye. He averaged over five yards per carry, scored 18 touchdowns and he can catch. Plus, as a play-by-play announcer, you dream of names like 'Storm' to have fun with during the broadcast.

Round 7
Jeff Mathews - QB Cornell
Don't you almost have to take another one somewhere? Mathews assignment is to play Steve Walsh to Manziel's Troy Aikman, to be the Kirk Cousins to RGIII.  He came on strong in the East West Shrine game and might just turn into one of those Ryan Fitzpatrick types who turns Ivy into NFL green. If he makes the roster, he'll be the second Cornell player in team history after Seth Payne (Unless I'm forgetting someone, which Seth will certainly point out).

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