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VanderMock 3.0

It's once again time to take the temperature on what the Texans might do in the 2014 NFL Draft.  In this 'for entertainment purposes only' Mock, I will get to the bottom of it all. Or not.

Round 1 – Jadeveon Clowney, DE-OLB, South Carolina
Yes, they will take a QB but not here. The 'Big 3' are fine but there are a number of other suitable signal callers who project to be just about as good. The prospect of Clowney, JJ Watt and Brian Cushing in the front seven is too good to pass up so the Texans brass pulls the trigger on the number one overall player on most teams' boards (according to me).

Round 2 – Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame
Everyone thought Nix was a lock to go to San Diego in the first round but the Chargers needed a corner and lost patience, grabbing Kyle Fuller from Virginia Tech. Nix falls out of day one and Houston pounces, getting a big time nose tackle and sending their fans into fits of rage because it's Friday night and they haven't picked a quarterback yet.

Round 2 – Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois
After taking Nix, Rick Smith calls Reggie McKenzie and works out a deal to park a 3rd and 4th round pick in Oakland for the 36th overall selection. Garoppolo shined at the all star games and has enough size and moxy to work himself up to a playoff caliber NFL QB. He doesn't have to start opening day and can slide in when ready. In the first 36 picks, the Texans strengthen their front seven with two studs in Nix and Clowney. And they get their quarterback.

Round 4 - Trai Turner, G, LSU
Smith revs up the smart phone again and trades a 5th and a 6th to move up in the fourth and take someone who will push for time on the left side and add depth on the right. I originally wrote and posted this with Brandon Thomas being the pick but he blew out an ACL working out for the Saints. Being a Mock draft, I can fire up the flux capacitor and change history. So I did.

Round 4 (Comp pick) Shane Skov, ILB, Stanford
Houston needs help inside because Daryl Sharpton and Joe Mays are gone. Brian Cushing comes back strong but Skov provides support in base defense and insurance in case of injury.  Skov is from Guadalajara, Mexico, providing interesting info for the Texans PR staff.

Round 5 – Ed Stinson, DE, Alabama
Smith makes his third trade of the draft, shipping a 6 and a 7, plus dinner to move into the fifth and take someone who could immediately slide into the rotation. Yes, they drafted Clowney, but he's going outside. Houston wants beefy men up front to stop the run and control the line. Stinson was a four year starter for the best program in college football. He can do the job.

Round 6 (comp pick) Antone Exum, CB, Virginia Tech
He had major injury issues in 2013 but he's healthy now. The medical report might post a red flag but hey, we're not talking about the first round here. He's 6" and 213 pounds and that comes in handy against today's big receivers. Plus, his name is useful for play-by-play announcers, as in "that wide receiver was about to make a play but Antone 'Exed-um' out!"

Round 7 (Comp pick) Keith Wenning, QB, Ball State
Sure you've never heard of him, but he threw for 35 touchdowns against 7 picks this year as David Letterman's alma mater went 10-2. He's 6-3, 220 and is accurate. It's worth a shot at some insurance for the most important position on the field. Ben Roethlisberger came from the MAC (which is what you're supposed to write when pumping up any MAC QB).

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