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Victory Monday! Shout outs after a Texans win | Daily Brew


Happy Victory Monday!

Yesterday was a day of many firsts: the team's first win of the season, DeMeco Ryans' first victory as head coach, the first time we've seen a Texans fullback return a kickoff 85 yards for a score...

The triumph in Jacksonville was a hell of a lot of fun. On offense, defense and special teams, we saw the Texans make multiple game-changing plays.

There's a lot to dig into, but let's begin with those big plays.

Nobody details them and analyzes how they meant better than our good pal John Harris. He was on the sidelines yesterday as the radio sideline reporter and has this recap of the ones that turned the tide for the Texans.

With more on the first NFL regular season W for Ryans and quarterback C.J. Stroud, Deepi Sidhu has this.

Stroud's been making history in the first three games of his NFL career. ESPN's D.J. Bien-Aime did a good job detailing it here.

Rookie receiver Tank Dell continues to shine. He ignited the Texans' first touchdown drive Sunday with a 46-yard catch and helped slam the door on the Jaguars with his 68-yard scoring grab in the fourth quarter. The Daytona Beach native "balled out".

Fullback Andrew Beck sucked the wind out of the EverBank crowd yesterday. The Jaguars kicked a field goal to cut the Texans' lead to 17-10 with 4-plus minutes remaining in the third quarter. It was the second consecutive scoring drive for Jacksonville coming out of halftime, and it looked like they'd perhaps righted the proverbial ship. And then, Andrew Beck happened...

So how did Beck celebrate? By going to the Beyonce concert with his wife.

How about the offensive line? ZERO sacks allowed yesterday. Brooks Kubena of the Houston Chronicle has more.

Jonathan Alexander wrote about the playmaking defense and the importance of safety Jimmie Ward's return.

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