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Week 14 Facts and Fun | Daily Brew


After another heart-stopper, I'm ready for a solid week of regen for the vocal cords. I can only imagine how the players feel. There's a four-way log jam in the Wild Card standings and the Texans are currently 'on the bubble,' as they describe here on 

It's strange to use that term 'on the bubble.' It only recently came into play in the NFL vernacular. It's usually used for the NCAA Tournament chase. But we'll take it. Here's what you need to know about the Texans playoff hunt. They need to keep winning. The picture can change a lot every week, so be like the players and just focus on the Jets.

C.J. Stroud, now leading the league in passing yards and 700 other categories, knows that every game has playoff implications. The match up with Denver was a hard-hitting affair between two teams with so much at stake.

The Jets might be 'out of it' but no one is thinking they'll play that way. They have a ferocious defense that held Atlanta to 13 points in a loss. 

The saddest thing about the day was certainly the loss of Tank Dell. He’s a player, coach and fan favorite who will be missed in more ways than one. 

The slack will have to be picked up by all the pass catchers. There are plenty of willing and able bodies for Stroud to spread the ball around. But no one has the exact skill set as Dell. Still, the team will rally without and for Dell as they march on.

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