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What's next, Trade deadline approaches, the future | Dear Drew

Drew Dougherty has been the Host of Texans TV since 2009. He regularly answers fan questions, and you can send him yours by clicking HERE.

James Grove: Dear Drew, Who made the calamitous and totally unprofessional decision to go for a conversion when an extra point was all that was needed to ensure the Texans won the game? Did that person not understand the utter foolishness of such a decision? Does that person understand now that it cost the Texans the game?
DD: You and I must've watched different games, James. Because the one I saw, had a Texans offense on a roll. Deshaun Watson guided Houston to a score on six of the last eight drives, and five those six scoring drives ended in touchdowns. Tennessee hadn't really stopped them. On the flip side, Houston's defense was getting gashed. Interim head coach Romeo Crennel wanted to end the game with two more points, which would've made it a 2-score contest. With the way the Texans defense was playing, it's tough to have faith they would be able to stop a 2-point conversion after a touchdown, had the Texans kicked an extra point. The plan failed, sure. But I respect Crennel's gamble, and would've done the exact same thing.

A.E. Montoya: Dear Drew, As I'm sure you are familiar with that old adage that has become famous over the years which states "win one for the Gipper," I make the following suggestion! Win one for Grandpa!! Please inform me if it is going to be used and because I would appreciate that! Would love to see your Texans game even though I live in New Mexico.
DD: A.E., the Texans would love to win one for you. They'd love to win one for 'The Gipper', too. They'd like to win one for themselves, for their coaches and for their fans. Thanks for the well-wishes from New Mexico, and hope you can see the Texans sometime soon.

Stan Divine: Dear Drew, What's the chances of getting Dabo Swinney as head coach?
DD: Stan, that's an excellent question. I understand why his name is in the mix: he won a National Title with Watson as his quarterback, has other connections to the organization, and has an excellent resume. I'd be mildly surprised if he wound up as the head coach, though, because of the ideal situation and setup he's created at Clemson. Perhaps he'd like a new challenge, yes. But I think the challenge, resources and routine are just right for him these days with the Tigers. I could be wrong, but I don't see Swinney coming here.

Ramon Rodriguez: Dear Drew, Do you think we will sign any other free agents this year since we have a new GM?
DD: Ramon, hell of a good question. I don't see any huge free agent signings, but the Texans will certainly add guys throughout the season like they normally do. I think the better question is: how active will the Texans be at the trade deadline? That's coming up on November 3.

John Hamner: Dear Drew, With Benardrick McKinney out for the season could we see more of rookie Jonathan Greenard?D
D: McKinney is an inside linebacker, and Grennard is an outside linebacker. But yes, I do think we'll see more of Greenard. He didn't log any defensive snaps at Tennessee, but was in on 48 percent of the special teams snaps last Sunday. There's nowhere to go but up, defensively, for Greenard. Look for his time to steadily increase as this season unfolds.

Karen Stover: Dear Drew, What's your prediction for our record this year? I'm predicting 11-6 because I believe in them!
DD: Karen, that would be pretty remarkable. I'm cool with it. I'm not big into predictions. But sure, if they play offensively the way they did on Sunday, and shore things up drastically on defense, let's do it.

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