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Will C.J. Stroud throw it more? | Fans Wanna Know


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Roger Zurcer: Dear Drew, What's the deal with C.J. Stroud? Why didn't he throw it more?
DD: If you listen to Stroud, he'd tell you because they weren't on the field long enough. Stroud attempted 24 passes on Sunday, and the Texans ran it 30 times. But after punting it away with 6:17 remaining in the game, Houston didn't touch the ball again.

"You can point the finger everywhere, but me personally, I point the thumb," Stroud said. "I'm not saying that I'm playing terrible, but I'm not making the plays I want to make. Sometimes I have to take what's there."

Stroud and the Texans scored touchdowns on a 17-play second quarter drive and a 12-play third quarter drive. The other seven drives saw them punt six times and fumble it away, and they averaged 3.9 plays on those possessions.

Further, Stroud and the Texans completed just a pair of passes that went for 20 yards or more. They've routinely doubled and tripled that number of explosive completions throughout the season.

"A lot of teams are being smart and playing back," Stroud said. "Even when I do take the checkdown, this team was knocking it down. I thought we could have gotten some firsts from that."

But if Stroud continues to improve the way we've seen him do that since arriving in town in May, I think the Houston offense gets moving again quickly. I have confidence they'll get going.

Barrett Carl: Dear Drew, Was Cam Johnston's performance on Sunday in Charlotte the best you've ever seen from a Texans punter?
DD: Off the top of my head, no. His 74-yarder was an absolute bomb. It's the longest punt in franchise history. More importantly, he blasted it from his own end zone, and the coverage unit dropped the returner at the 19-yard line. It was one of four punts he had downed inside the Panthers' 20-yard line, and it prevented Carolina from doing much with the ball before the half.

On the season, he's punted 17 times and nine of those have been downed inside the 20-yard line. He's averaging 47.1 yards per punt, and has been excellent since coming off the injured reserve a few weeks ago.

Joseph Rosales: Dear Drew, When will the new Texans' jerseys be revealed?!
DD: Around the 2024 NFL Draft. There will be four different jerseys in 2024, and it'll be the most drastic uniform change since the franchise began in 2002.

Putnam Ruggovich: Dear Drew, Why do you always Tweet out the scribbled inactives on toilet paper?
DD: Well, Putnam, I think **my penmanship** is much more respectable than a "scribble", and it's a napkin or **paper towel**, never toilet paper. C'mon: I have standards.

About six or seven years ago, I was in a rush and wrote them down on a napkin and tweeted them out. That got some comments and reaction, so I just kept doing it.

A year ago, a fan mailed me a small 'H-Town' notepad because she thought the #Napkinactives were tacky looking.

They might be, but I enjoy it.

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