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1-on-1 with Arian Foster: 1-Cut Runner

Perhaps the most intriguing quality about Arian Foster is his ability to find a gap and find it quickly.

"I guess that's always kind of been my style since I was a little kid," Foster said in an exclusive interview with Texans Radio. "As a little kid running around I was more of like the Barry Sanders type because I always played in an age group or two above what I was. So like, if I was eight I'd be playing against 10-year-olds. I don't know how that happened but it always was the case. I was always smaller than everybody else, so I always felt like I had to juke everybody out. As everybody's bodies started to mature, my body started to mature. I just felt like I could get up the field a little quicker than everybody else. That's just kind of how my running style developed."

Often described as a "one-cut runner," Foster uses a combination of his both his instincts and experience to attack the ground game. Foster sees a hole, makes a decision and cuts upfield.

"It's a lot of instinct and vision is what comes into play because it's all about angles and how they attack and how you attack," Foster said. "For really aggressive players, you want to threaten their outside, make them think you're gonna beat them with speed. So they have to respect your speed in order to do that. A lot of times you'll see me get up underneath people because they respect the speed. At the same time, I can stop, I can 'cut on a dime' as they like to say, I can cut up field whenever I want to. They have to respect that."

Even after missing one game through Week 6, Foster still leads the AFC with five rushing touchdowns and ranks second in rushing yards with 513. The three-time Pro Bowl back has also surpassed 100 yards in all but one game he's played this season.

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