10 Questions: RB Chris Henry


Running back Chris Henry, a second-round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2007, has been one of the surprise players of Texans training camp. Henry recently checked in with HoustonTexans.com to answer '10 questions' about camp, the running back competition and more.

1. What's the biggest difference between training camp in Tennessee and Houston?
"The people, the personnel, the heat and the humidity. As far as practices go, the intensity seems more intense here, more towards game tempo. I have enjoyed it so far."

2. What are your thoughts on playing in Arizona, the state where you played college football, this weekend?
"I'm very excited just for the opportunity, not even so much that it's in Arizona, just that it's a game. I'm just excited to go out and play."

3. What's the competition like between the running backs right now?
"I think it's really competitive and we're all making each other better day by day. It seems as if each player is bringing something more and more to the table in response to another player doing something good. We're making each other better."

4. Who is the funniest Texans player and why?
"I've got a weird sense of humor, there's a lot of funny guys, but I'd have to say Jacoby (Jones), probably.

5. What's your favorite part about living in Houston?
"I like the diversity. It's a real change in culture from Nashville to here, so I definitely enjoy the diversity."

6. What is the most underrated part of your game?
"My hands. My catching. I can catch very well, but I've had drops in the past in which you get labeled as someone who can't catch."

7. What are your individual goals for the season?
"Just to show that I can play well for the team and that I can produce, that I can help contribute in any way."

8. What kind of music is playing on your iPod recently?
"As of today, I was listening to Scarface, actually, which is a Houston rapper. That sounds like it may be a little set up but it's not, I actually listened to Scarface. I am a West Coast guy, so I listen to a lot of Bay Area rappers. Mostly rap and R&B."

9. What's the most recent movie you have seen?
"'Inception.' It was amazing; I saw it twice, actually. It was a great movie. It makes you think."

10. Now that you have another Wildcat (DT Earl Mitchell) in the locker room with you, do you give him a hard time or offer advice?"All advice. Earl has always been a good guy. He used to play fullback for me at the University of Arizona, so it's always nice to see a familiar face, if you will."

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