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10 questions with Adibi


Xavier Adibi led Virginia Tech with a career-high 115 tackles in 2007.

Xavier Adibi, a fourth-round draft pick, overcame a hamstring injury during OTAs and impressed coaches with his athleticism at outside linebacker.

1. How disappointing was it for you to suffer an injury right away?

"It was a very tough time for me. I was trying to learn things and give it my all during mini-camp, and then to have a little hamstring tweak the first day - that set me back and brought me down. I'm glad to be over that."

2. Describe what it's like working with Pro Bowl linebacker DeMeco Ryans?

"It's been excellent, seeing his work ethic pan out and seeing what a great player does in the meeting room and on the field. I'm just trying to soak up everything I can from him."

3. What's the best advice you have gotten from the veterans?

"To work hard and not let anything hold me back, no matter what I'm doing. I have to give 100 percent and always stay in my playbook and study as much as I can. Then, when I step on the field it will come much easier to me."

4. Are the veterans hard on you?

"They're not too hard, at least not yet. Training camp hasn't started, so we'll see."

5. What was your greatest accomplishment in college football?

"We won the ACC Championship my senior year. I would consider that my greatest accomplishment."

6. What did you think of going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

"I loved it. Seeing all the great things they had up in there and learning about the history of football and meeting some of the Hall of Fame members – meeting Jim Brown and Kenny Houston was a really great experience for me."

7. Looking at the Texans schedule, which team are you most excited to play this season?

"I'm excited about the whole season. I'm excited to be on an NFL team and be able to go out there and perform."

8. Which player in the NFL do you look forward to going against?

"Peyton Manning. That is someone I have watched for a long time. He is an excellent player, so going against him will be really exciting."

9. What is the first thing you want to buy as a pro?

"I'm not sure. I haven't really thought about that too much. Maybe a place to live."

10. Is there something interesting about you that maybe fans don't know?

"I like to play chess. I always played chess growing up against my father and my brother."


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