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10 questions with Anderson


A former seventh-round draft pick, David Anderson could be the Texans' slot receiver in 2009.

Wide receiver David Anderson re-signed with the Texans this offseason after receiving interest as a restricted free agent from the Denver Broncos.

Anderson totaled 19 catches for 241 yards (12.7 avg.) and two touchdowns in 2008. The former seventh-round draft pick from Colorado State is well-known for his end zone celebrations, including his "string dance" that earned him acclaim from late-night host Conan O'Brien.

1. Why did you cut your hair so that you would look like quarterback Matt Schaub?

"Last year, I had what I would like to call a "Mulhawk". It was half mullet,half mohawk and it gave me my mojo. It was like Sampson. This year I had to do something else in order to get my mojo back for camp. It's just something to make me feel a little better about getting out on the field."

2. Was it your idea to give rookie linebacker Brian Cushing a buzz?

"It was everyone's idea. He originally told us he didn't have anything super creative for his entertainment. We threw around some suggestions and we just ended up cutting his hair. It was a good team-bonding experience and obviously with my experience in giving haircuts, they let me give him my best."

3. Do you have any new and creative end zone dances planned for this season?

"I do, I cannot tell you but, my repertoire is vast. Pandora's box has been opened in my touchdown dances, so be ready."

4. How's training camp treating you so far?

"It's definitely going. There's a difference between this year and the last couple of years. Now I have higher expectations for myself as well as the team. It's about getting better every day at not only my position but as an offense."

5. Which team are you looking forward to playing the most this season?

"The Titans, just because it's a real physical game. It's always a game that we always look forward to playing. Playing on Monday nights can be pretty fun."

6. What do you feel like you can bring to the Texans this season?

"Coach (Coach)Kubiack says that every guy has role on this team no matter what it is and it's my role to have energy out there. It's something that I can bring to this team. I'm not scared to be that guy that's outspoken to motivate myself. Some guys will themselves or have to will others to want to practice harder and better. That's one of the things that I have grown accustomed to doing. I make sure that I'm not a guy that's going to be lazy at practice or anything in that aspect, so I'm ready to go every day.

7. What are your personal goals for this season?

"to get better is always your goal and i think every year I have improved my catches and amount of playing time. This year, that's just another aspect of something that I would like to do but, when you have guys like Andre(Johnson), Kevin(Bentley), (Steve) Slaton, Owen(Daniels), that demand the ball, I'm going to get my chances so I have to make the most of them."

8. Which part of your game have you improved the most?

"I would say recognition of defense and overall scheme. I think I had a pretty good grasp of the offense last year and what defenses do to stop them but, this year is even better. I understand where I need to be and why I need to be there as well as why we're asked to do certain things in this offense."

9. How would you judge the progression of the team compared to last year?

"Night and Day. When we first got here, we had guys on this team that were players that other teams had cut. Now we have the type of team where guys are going to be let go from this team that are definitely going to make other teams. We have such a high level of competition and it's never been like this around here. I think it brings out the best in every one. Since it's such a hard team to make, were going to be a really good team."

10. What are your hobbies off the field?

"I'm a big movie buff, I love movies. Wether it's by myself or with a bunch of friends, I go to movies. I'm trying to learn to play the piano. It's not going so well because I really don't have much time right when I get home but, I have my beginners piano book and I'm going to hire a piano teacher to get that started. Besides that, those are my two things right now. Every year I try to do something. Last year it was Rosetta Stone Spanish, this year its piano."

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