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10 questions with Brink


Rookie quarterback Alex Brink is Washington State's school's all-time leader in career plays.

Rookie Alex Brink is learning from a couple of great quarterbacks. The seventh-round draft pick from Washington State is taking reps behind quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels. Here's what Brink thinks of his NFL experience so far:

1. What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make to your game since OTAs started?

"The biggest adjustment for me so far is the amount of time I have to spend studying outside of practice. Trying to get the playbook down takes a lot of time."

2. Describe what it's like taking reps behind Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels?

"It's honestly a great experience to be around two guys that have been successful at this level. It only helps me to be able to watch them and pick their brains and learn from them. They are making me a better player."

3. What's the most important thing you have learned from them?

"The biggest things I've learned from both of them is their sense of timing and their understanding of the game. That's really what has made them successful. Studying the game and really having a feel for it comes with the experience, but it's also something you can practice. Watching them and seeing how quickly they read the defense and adjust has taught me a lot."

4. Are they hard on you?

"No, not yet. I'm waiting for that, so we'll see."

5. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in college football?

"I would say holding the record as the all-time leader in career yards for Washington State." (Brink recorded 11,015 net yards for his career.)

6. Were you surprised when the Texans drafted you?

"A little bit. I hadn't talked to the Texans a lot before the draft. They were a team that I knew something about but didn't have on my radar. When it happened, I was pleasantly surprised."

7. Looking at the Texans' schedule, which team are you most excited to play this season?

"I have to say Indianapolis. I guess that from a little kid's point of view – just to see a great player like Peyton (Manning) and a great team and knowing the improvements our team has made, I feel like it's going to be a fun matchup."

8. Which offensive player in the NFL do you look forward to watching play?

"Peyton Manning. I am excited for this Texans team to go against Peyton."

9. What is the first thing you want to buy as a pro?

"I need to buy a car, probably a Chevy Avalanche."

10. Is there something interesting about you that maybe fans don't know?

"I like to play golf. But I'm definitely not as good as I would like to be."


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