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10 questions with Brink


Quarterback Alex Brink enters his second year in the league as the Texans third quarterback behind Matt Schaub and Dan Orlovsky. The Texans didn't select a quarterback in this year's draft, and Brink is hoping to take advantage of his time on the field this summer.

1. What did you learn from your first year in the league in terms of the football and business sides of the NFL?

"That first year was huge for me. I think the biggest thing quarterback-wise that I learned was about the amount of preparation involved for me to be a good player at the quarterback position at this level. Spending time around Matt and Sage (Rosenfels) and seeing how they did it and watching those guys really showed me what is needed to be ready to play as a quarterback. When I came into the league, I don't think I really knew how to get myself ready for a game and be successful at this level. Now that I know that, I feel really good about where I am coming into this year."

{QUOTE}2. Does the playbook read a lot easier for you now?

"That came pretty naturally to me, but with the more experience that you get and the longer that you are around it, the easier it gets. I have learned so much from Kyle Shanahan this last year, as far as reading plays and making decisions as a quarterback."

3. Do you feel like you see the field differently now?

"One of the biggest things that helped me last year was that I practiced some at receiver and got to see the field from a different perspective. It gave me a different way to see the quarterback position, and that has really changed how I look at the field as a quarterback."

4. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said he is looking forward to seeing your development this offseason. Assess your development going into next season?

"I am excited to see where I am on the field in OTAs. I feel like I have made a lot of improvements physically and mentally from last fall until now. I have worked a lot with Kyle. Being around him and spending more time with Matt, Sage and now Dan Orlovsky has helped me feel even more prepared."

5. What areas of your game needed the most improvement?

"Timing was a big issue for me. I made the game harder on myself because I think I tried to rush things last year. I really caused problems for myself by doing that. I understand all the concepts and defenses. I really had to work on getting a better feel for the timing of the game at the pro level."

6. What goals have you set for 2009?

"I really want to take advantage of the time I get this summer. I know it will be limited, but hopefully I will get a little bit more than I did last year. I want to get out there and make good throws, get the ball in the end zone, move the ball up and down the field. In my first training camp, I was just making sure that I made a pass and didn't screw up. Now, I really want to move the ball up the field."

7. How have offseason workouts gone for you?

"They've been great. We have been pushed really hard and I know I am ready to be back on the field for when OTAs start in a couple of weeks."

8. What do you think of the Texans' 2009 draft class?

"It looks like a good group. We added a lot of depth on the defensive side. Offensively, the new guys also bring depth and versatility."

9. The offseason is also a time for the players to relax. What have you been doing for fun?

"I have gone home to Washington several times to see my family. In Houston, I have been playing a lot of golf with Matt, Dan and Kevin Walter. We have some pretty competitive rounds out there. I've only managed to lose a little bit of money, fortunately."

10. Who do you think will go to the NBA finals?

"I am an NBA fan. My team the Trailblazers is out, so I am looking at a potential Cleveland-Lakers series. But I am not going to write off the Rockets with the way they are playing now."

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