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10 questions with Cochran


Defensive end Earl Cochran entered the league in 2003 as an undrafted free agent with the Green Bay Packers.

Defensive end Earl Cochran has come a long way since signing with Houston's practice squad in 2006. He played in 15 games last season and recorded his first career sack. This year, Cochran would like to get to the passer a lot more.

1. How do you judge your performance in training camp so far?

"It is just coming out and taking steps from last year and just getting better, trying to take the game to another level."

2. What part of your game are you focusing on the most during the preseason?

"My pass rush, trying to get a pass rush. In the division we're in, we need to get more sacks."

3. How far do you feel like you have come since the Texans signed you to the practice squad in November of 2006?

"I have come a long way because every day I step on the field I try to get better. That is what I have been trying to do, consistently get better."

{QUOTE}4. What did you prove in the 15 games you played last season?

"I have proved that I can compete on this level once given the opportunity."

5. How good did it feel to get your first career sack against Tampa Bay?

"Oh man, it felt good, but at the same time, it felt overdue. I was overdue for one, so it felt good."

6. What word describes the mentality of the defensive line?


7. Which team are you looking forward to playing the most this season?

"Man, I look forward to all of the division opponents up there together, all three of them. I can't describe it, all three of them up there together."

8. What is the key to getting through training camp?

"Taking care of your body."

9. Who is the funniest person on the team?

"The funniest, oh man, probably DelJuan Robinson."

10. What is your favorite hobby?

"My favorite hobby I would say is baseball, going to the batting cage and hitting baseballs."

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