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10 questions with Frye


A second-year pro out of Virginia Tech, offensive lineman Brandon Frye looks forward to joint practices with the New Orleans Saints.

Offensive lineman Brandon Frye, a fifth-round draft pick of the Texans last year out of Virginia Tech, has been playing both guard and tackle since beginning his professional career. Earlier this offseason, Frye was joined on the Texans by former Virginia Tech teammates Duane Brown and Xavier Adibi.

1. How does your second training camp experience compare to your first?
"I definitely understand everything a lot more as far as the playbook and where I need to be and what I need to be doing. Also, as far as time management, I know when I have time to kind of lay down and take a nap over here at the facility or maybe when I should be in my book more or start getting mentally prepared for each practice. It just helps overall with everything."

2. What is the most rigorous part of training camp for you?
"Probably the mental part of just having to prepare yourself every day for a full-speed practice mentally and physically twice a day. I mean, that takes a toll on you, and just the amount of information and plays that we put in in such a short period of time. Having to be able to recall all of that stuff as it's called in the huddle, from the huddle to the line of scrimmage, the amount of information is probably the hardest part."

3. What have you been trying to improve upon the most during training camp?
"Probably my technique overall. I've been playing some guard and some tackle, and it's kind of hard to get better at one when you play both. I've been trying to be able to know guard and tackle just as well as each other."

4. Your father played basketball and football at Clemson and for the Kansas City Chiefs. What advice did he give you when you entered the league?
"Just that it was going to be tough, and there's going to be times when you doubt yourself and when you have bad days and there's going to be times when you have great days and you're feeling like you're on top of the world, and you just have to be able to come out and bring it every day."

5. What was the hardest part about transitioning into the NFL?
"Just the demand that you have to put on yourself individually, not as far as your coaches being on you all the time or somebody telling you to do this or that. It's your job, your profession; you have to be professional about it, being able to know that you have to push yourself in certain areas at certain times."

6. How exciting is it for you to be reunited and playing with your former teammates from Virginia Tech -- Duane Brown and Xavier Adibi?
"Oh, it's great to have those guys here just to be able to see some familiar faces from college back around me again. Also, we have André Davis. It just helps having a guy that you've known previously before you got here to be able to go to and talk about things, just somebody who can relate to you from the past to the present."

7. Are you looking forward to the joint practices with the New Orleans Saints?
"Yeah, it'll be interesting. It will be interesting to practice with them before we actually play them. I don't really know what to expect. I've never really done that before, so we'll see how that goes."

8. What is one thing that the team or Texans fans don't know about you?
"I don't know if I have anything for you on that one. You all pretty much know everything (laughs)."

9. On the plane to New Orleans, what are you jamming to?
"Probably just going to be sleeping, I need the rest (laughs). I'll be jamming to whatever is playing. I'm not going to be listening to it, though."

10. Say you can order only one dish in New Orleans. What are you going to order?
"They've got that Cajun stuff down there. I'm not really sure. Maybe some gumbo. I don't really know."

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