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10 questions with Jones


Wideout Jacoby Jones makes a reception during a scrimmage against the Saints.

Wide receiver Jacoby Jones has enjoyed practicing in his hometown of New Orleans as the Texans prepare to take on the Saints. The second-year pro continues to get a lot of reps with Andre Johnson sidelined with a groin strain.

1. What is it like to be back in New Orleans?

"Well, it's been a dream for me to come home and I have always wanted to play in front of my home team and family. It's a blessing to come back and play in front of my grandmother."

2. Are you excited to play again in the Superdome?

"Yeah, I haven't played there since my high school All-Star game. I had two catches and a touchdown."

{QUOTE}3. How many family members are you expecting to come watch the game on Saturday?

"Well I've got 26 tickets. I can't even name everybody. My momma, my aunt, my uncle, two cousins and some more cousins are coming and my grandmother is finally coming to see me play."

4. Your grandmother has never seen you play football and she is coming to the game on Saturday, what does that mean to you?

"I hope I can get in the endzone and get her a ball. That would mean a lot to me. I would give it to her."

5. What do you gain from playing and practicing with wide receiver Andre Johnson?

"Knowledge of the game. I've watched his physical game, but he's smart as well. He can do the little things, and that is what I'm trying to pick up from him."

6. What have you learned from the dual practices with the Saints?

"Well, everybody has different schemes in the NFC, how they practice and how they play, but they have a good team. They have a good tempo, but it was good to go up against different competition other than your own teammates."

7. How does your second training camp compare to your first?

"It's a lot easier than my first, because I came in as a rookie and trying to learn the playbook and everything was a hundred miles per hour. Everything has slowed down for me."

8. What are you working on the most during training camp?

"I'm trying to stay consistent and doing the little things in my routes and assignments."

9. What is the hardest part about returning a punt?

"Well, first of all you have to track the ball depending on how that punter punts. But once you track the ball, you've got to find the hole, and it's every man for himself out there. It's one of the hardest positions on the field and people don't realize that."

10. What is the best place to eat in New Orleans and are you going to go there this week?

"I would go to Sweet, Fire, & Ice and order any kind of pasta. But I think I am going to head down the street to Harrah's Casino tonight."

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