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10 questions with Krause


Ryan Krause signed with the Texans in May and is competing for a roster spot at tight end. The fourth-year pro and former college wideout has been making tough catches over the middle during training camp.

1. How is training camp going for you?

"So far, it's going really well for me. The main part is the big grind and the stay-healthy time. You don't go running around doing stuff out of the ordinary, just get through it and stay healthy. That's what matters when it comes down to cuts. It's going pretty well."

2. How is it working with tight end Owen Daniels?

"I had been around a lot of good tight ends. I've been around Antonio Gates, Kelvin Winslow. O.D. is very comparable to everyone in terms of playing. He is very fast. I have learned a lot from him, from his moves to the way he runs routes and his blocking and he is real good in the locker room, so he's a real good mentor to me. If I mess up, he corrects my mistake. If he messes up, I correct his mistake."

3. How has the transition from the Chargers to the Texans been for you?

{QUOTE}"It's the offense. I was used to the numbering system and here it's words. It's systematical. If this guy has one route, you have to run this, and with the offense they just call what you've got, so offense is the main thing for that. Here it's the same kind of plays. They put the tight end out wide, put them in the outfield just like San Diego did."

4. How was the first day in pads for you?

"Real heavy, a little slow, but I got through it. It was the pants, stiff in the waste so it kind of makes you run like a robot out there, but I'll get better at it and I'm sure I'll look better than I have on film the first day."

5. Who are you most excited to go against this season on your schedule?

"The Green Bay Packers. I was with the Packers last year and really liked the guys, so I would really like to see those guys and compete against them. That would be a lot of fun."

6. Are you enjoying Texas?

"I enjoy Texas very much. I came down here in the summer time, late May. It was hot. I wasn't used to it, but I came from Green Bay and that city isn't nearly as good as here in Houston. I haven't been out anywhere here in Houston, just really kind of been around the Galleria area and I went downtown a little bit and drove around. But it's a nice city."

7. How excited were you to receive a call from the Texans?

"I was waiting around and waiting around. I got a few calls, stuff didn't work out. The Texans called and made me work out here. I was real excited and they signed me. I was real thrilled about it, came back, started OTAs Monday because I came Saturday and signed Monday. I was really excited because I didn't know what I was going to be doing. I was just a homebody, not working."

8. Is there a player from another position that you have enjoyed playing with?

"I have played with a lot of players. I have competed against some good linemen and one of my good friends - Shawne Merriman - is top notch. He is the one I would like to go against, see what I can do against a top-notch guy."

9. How is the competition at your position?

"Well, everybody has a role and I don't know how many tight ends they're going to keep. Right now, I'm the fourth tight end. Something could happen, something couldn't. But my whole career I've been fighting for the third spot, and that's what I'm doing here. I'm here to make this team as a third tight end."

10. What is tight ends coach Brian Pariani hardest on you about?

"Blocking, hat placement, first-step technique wise, get my motor running early, sometimes early in the morning my motor's not running. He's saying get going, get going and I get going a little bit, but I just need to pick it up in the morning and be more physical, right off the bat."

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