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10 questions with Moats


Running back Ryan Moats has been working as the backup to starter Steve Slaton during OTAs. Moats wants to prove that despite his small stature (5-8, 210) he can be the perfect complement to Slaton next season.

1. How have OTAs been going for you?

"They have been going good so far. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm looking forward to a few more practices before we get going with training camp."

2. How do these OTAs compare with other teams that you have been with?

"It's about the same. Every NFL team works hard; that's the name of the game. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. It's good; I like the pace of things. I'm learning and I'm getting comfortable here, and I am having a good time playing."

3. How would you describe your role last year?

"It's hard to say what my role was because I came in so late. But, personally, every opportunity that they gave me to do something great, I tried my best to make them happy. That's how I approached last year, every opportunity I had, I tried to go full throttle."

{QUOTE}4. What did you think when the Texans didn't select a running back in this year's draft?

"I mean, of course it was a good feeling. Of course, I have a lot to prove. But at the same time, it did feel good to know that they have some type of confidence in me as a runner. And I'm looking forward to capitalizing on that more to have them be more comfortable with me."

5. How do you and Steve Slaton help each other in practice?

"The running back position is all about being in sync, feeling it and knowing what to do. We help each other by telling each other what we saw, 'This is what I saw. This is what you saw.' We compare and try to find a balance in between."

6. What are your goals for next season?

"My goal is to do the best at whatever position that I play, whether it be special teams or running back. I just want to do my best at whatever I do."

7. Is your size a disadvantage?

"I mean, you can say what you want to say about a person's size. But when you're on the field, you're on the field and it doesn't matter anymore. So that's kind of how I've approached it my whole career."

8. What kind of internship did you start this offseaon?

"I have a passion for 3-D motion and graphics. I've been doing an internship at Iname Network and TVP, which are post-production houses here in Houston. It's been going great; you know, I've been working and learning and doing a little bit of everything. I've been working on a 3-D car commercial where the car looks like it is folded out of a piece of paper on the screen. My job basically is to redo the commercial that the Guru—that's I what I call my boss—does. I redo his stuff. Like he'll do a Sprite commercial— you know the Sprite commercial where they pull the can off of the tree? He does that and makes it look real. And then he hands me his project and I replicate it to the same standard, so I can learn the process."

9. Did you work with animation or graphics in college?

"I've always had a passion for 3-D stuff, even in high school. I like to draw, especially draw up video games, and I did an internship when I was a rookie in Philly at EA Sports. Then when I got down here, I just asked if there were any post-production houses or any design centers or companies around here. Once I found some, I applied for internships."

10. What would you like to do after your football career ends?

"Afterwards, that's kind of what I want to do. I want to work in TV and, not be on TV, but the behind-the-scenes guy. I want to be the guy that makes you look good."

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