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10 questions with Molden


Cornerback Antwaun Molden, a third-round draft pick, arrived at Reliant Stadium Thursday to meet with coaches and take team headshots. The rookie will get his first taste of playing in the NFL when the Texans begin minicamps on Friday. Here's what Molden had to say about becoming a Texan:

1. What was your first impression of the Texans?

"The Texans are an up-and-coming team. They were 8-8 last year. With the coaches, they have a great staff. Each year they are getting better, and I'm looking forward to contributing and becoming a big part of this organization."

2. Describe your playing style for fans.

"I'm a bump-and-run corner. I have great athleticism, so I can also play 'off' or 'inside' technique without getting very technical. You know, 'inside' technique or 'off' man-to-man, press."

3. Which NFL player would you compare yourself to?

"I would have to say a little bit of Champ Bailey and Al Harris."

4. Defensive coordinator Richard Smith compared you to Texans cornerback Fred Bennett. Do you know much about Fred or the competition at cornerback?

"Fred's from South Carolina. He's a big corner, as well. He's quick with his feet. He's quick with his hands and getting out of brace with his transition, so I know he's a great corner. He's getting better as the year goes on."

5. Have you gotten any advice about what it's like to go through NFL minicamps and training camps?

"Yeah, I've heard a lot as far as the heat, the tempo, the way they throw things at you. It's the knowledge of the game. They say it's 99 percent mental."

6. What did your Eastern Kentucky coach say when you were drafted by the Texans?

"He told me it was going to be tough, but he told me I can do it. He told me they didn't draft me for any reason but to play football, and I look forward to that."

7. Which team are you most excited to play this season?

"I know there is no homecoming in the league, so I'm excited to play every team. You have to bring you're A game. There is no slouch on the schedule."

8. Which player are you most excited to go against?

"I know we play Terrell (Owens) and we play the Colts twice a year. I'm not looking forward to them, but I'm going to get ready for them."

9. What is the first thing you want to buy as a pro?

"There first thing I want to buy is a starting position."

10. What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?

"I'm going to get her a card. I can't take her out to eat because I'm going to be here for minicamp. I'm going to het her some roses. Well, I have four days to decide, so I'm going to get her something nice."


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