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10 questions with Quin


Rookie cornerback Glover Quin has been the surprise of OTAs. The fourth-round draft pick recorded three interceptions in three weeks and is becoming a technician under defensive backs coach David Gibbs.

1. You've stood out during OTAs by making some impressive plays in coverage. How would you judge your performance so far?

"Yes, I've made a few plays, but I am more of a technical type of guy. I won't be satisfied until I know all of our plays and know all of my checks and that my technique and fundamentals are down pat. I feel like if I can get that down pat, more plays will come. But overall, OTAs have been pretty good for me."

2. What has been the biggest difference between defending college receivers and pro receivers?

"College receivers are inconsistent. Every NFL receiver is good; they are faster and quicker and they run better routes. They also are quicker in their breaks and can make big-time plays. Some college receivers are just out there running routes and don't know what they are doing."

{QUOTE}3. Has the transition to the NFL been easier or more difficult than you anticipated?

"I wouldn't say it's been easy. I expected it to be hard. The mental part is tough, especially when it comes to trying to learn all the plays and the positions they have me playing and the special teams they have me doing. I want to make sure I am doing all of it right every time. Everything is faster in the NFL, a lot faster. Also, I didn't really do individual drills in college, so I have been learning from that."

4. What new techniques are you learning under defensive backs coach David Gibbs that you are using to your advantage?

"All the techniques that we do are movements in our schemes. We never do things just to do them. All of our plant-drive techniques, our zone-point techniques, hip turns – those are things when we look at film, that's what coach Gibbs likes to see. He likes to see us using the techniques we work on every day. When we go back and look at film, the guys that use the techniques that we work on are in better positions to make plays than the guys who don't use the techniques."

5. Have you gotten a chance to get know many of the rookies?

"My roommate is Brice McCain, and he's a really funny guy. Troy Nolan's locker is next to mine. Arian Foster and Antoine Caldwell are friendly. Brian Cushing and I have talked, but he is a little quiet. It's always fun to meet new people and hear their stories on how they go to the NFL."

6. Off the field, what are your plans for the offseason before training camp begins?

"I just want to come out of OTAs and continue to study the playbook and work on the techniques that I learned in OTAs. I also want to get in better shape so that when I come back for training camp, I have all the techniques down and I have the play book down so that I can play instead of think. I want to be in better shape so that I can go even harder in practice."

7. What do you think of Houston as a city?

"I love Houston. I used to come to Houston for Astros games when I was in high school. When I came here, I would always say how much I liked the city. Where I grew up (Summit, MS) there were only about 1,000 people. I wanted to be in a big city. It was a blessing that I was drafted by Houston."

8. Which NFL wide receiver are you looking forward to defending the most this season?

"I was looking at our schedule and we have a lot of big-time receivers that we play. We have Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona), Randy Moss (New England), Terrell Owens (Buffalo), Chad Ochocinco (Bengals) and T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Seattle). We have a lot of big-time guys on our schedule. I f I had to pick two, it would be Owens or Fitzgerald."

9. What's your No. 1 goal for your rookie season?

"I want to come in and make the roster and contribute in as many ways that I can. I want to learn what it takes to be an elite player in the NFL. I want to do whatever I can to help the Texans get to the goal of reaching the Super Bowl."

10. What's the first thing that you plan to buy once you sign your contract?

"I am going to get something for my mom, maybe help her get a house. I also want to get something for my fiancé. I will get them something nice first."

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