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10 questions with Reeves


Cornerback Jacques Reeves makes a tackle on Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall in the Texans' preseason opener.

Cornerback Jacques Reeves was signed by the Texans as a free agent during the 2008 offseason. Reeves started 13 games for the NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys last season and brings plenty of speed to the Texans' secondary. The fifth-year corner got the chance to face off against his former team on Friday at Texas Stadium.

1. What was it like playing against your old team, the Cowboys?

"It was kind of crazy and fun at the same time."

2. Did you get to talk to any of your old teammates?

"Briefly. I talked to (cornerback) Anthony Henry, (receiver) Patrick Crayton and (receiver) Sam Hurd."

3. Being from Lancaster, Texas, do you have a lot of family come to your games?

"Oh yeah, of course. It's always been like that, though, even in college while I was at Purdue."

4. How do you feel you've performed in the preseason so far?"I feel like I've played aright. Just OK."

5. Who are you most looking forward to playing against in the regular season?

"I haven't even looked that far ahead, to tell you the truth. I always concentrate on the next opponent."

6. How does playing in Reliant Stadium compare to Texas Stadium?

"It's about the same. Both teams have crazy fans, and they both love their team."

7. What is something your teammates and fans may not know about you?

"Probably that I'm kind of shy."

8. What do you do in your spare time away from football?

"Sleep. I catch up on my rest."

9. How does playing against a receiver like Andre Johnson every day at practice help your game?

"In a variety of ways. He brings a lot to the table, so he'll make you better in a lot of different ways."

10. What kind of music is playing on your iPod right now?

"What am I listening to right now? Weezy - Lil Wayne."

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