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10 questions with Rosenfels


Little known fact: quarterback Sage Rosenfels was a tennis player in high school.

Quarterback Sage Rosenfels is anxiously awaiting the regular season opener versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. In his downtime in Houston, the eighth-year veteran often enjoys hitting the links for a round of golf with his son, Peyton.

1) What was going through your head during your touchdown run in the preseason versus Dallas?

"I guess the first thing was just to find a hole in the defensive line. Then, after that, it was just to try to find a way to get into the end zone."

2) With the preseason over, do you feel that the team is ready for the regular season opener versus Pittsburgh?

"We have a lot of veterans on this team, and I think we're all excited that the preseason is over and the real stuff that we've all been working for over the past four or five months is here. I think everyone has been anxious to get to Pittsburgh since the first day of training camp."

3) What do you think about the roster moves?

"Well, one thing you can always count on in the NFL is change. I think we added some depth at some needed positions, and I'm sure we'll keep adding and subtracting as the season goes along. There are always injuries, and maybe a player becomes available on another team that our coaches like better than a guy here now. I'm sure it's just about all done, but that's (general manager) Rick Smith's job to go out there and look for guys that are better than guys we have on our team right now. That's the NFL."

4) If you weren't a football player, what would you be doing career-wise?

"I would probably be doing something in the sports world. I was a marketing major in college, so I would probably be working with some sort of professional team whether it be with a football, baseball or basketball team."

5) What is your favorite sport outside of football?

"The older I get, probably, the more golf I play because it's easy on the body. My son is seven now and he is at the point where he can start playing a little bit with me. So, the older I get, the more golf I can play."

6) What is one talent that your teammates or fans don't know you possess?

"Most people know I like to play golf, but very few people know that I grew up playing a lot of tennis in high school."

7) How did you do in the homerun contest at Minute Maid Park?

"I did ok. I think I hit four or five. Everyone knows that Eric Winston was the one hitting the bombs, but I was competitive. I think Owen Daniels, Matt Schaub and I were all runners-up to big Eric Winston. So, I was happy to be in that final group."

8) What was it like growing up in the small town of Maquoketa, Iowa?

"It was very safe. Your parents could drop you off at the park and leave you for three or four hours at a time and they didn't think twice about it. People were very friendly, and everyone was very close. Friends were easy to come by because everyone knew each other so well."

9) You are a recycler; what have you done to make that issue a more prevalent one here with the team?

"We recycle at our house. My wife and I try to get the kids to understand it. Other than that, when I first got here, I realized that we were using a lot of Gatorade and water bottles. I asked some people if we could find a way to recycle some of those, and about a year later, we have the waste management recycle bins. I don't know if people give me credit for that, but I asked for something and, sure enough, it worked out that we have some."

10) Your son's name is Peyton; any connection with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning?

"No, there isn't. I was a big Walter Payton fan growing up, but my wife liked the spelling with the 'E' better. So, there is not any connection there."

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