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Houston Texans

10 questions with Simmons


Simmons is the all-time leading receiver in Kansas Jayhawks history, with 155 career catches for 2,161 yards and 16 touchdowns in his college career.

A second-year player out of the University of Kansas, wideout Mark Simmons is battling for a roster spot in a deep Texans receiving corps. Simmons spent much of the 2007 season on the Chargers' practice squad after signing with San Diego as an undrafted free agent. The all-time leading receiver in Kansas history, Simmons hopes to see his first NFL action this season.

1. What would you say is your biggest asset as a wide receiver?
"I would say probably my quickness and my ability to separate from the DB and get leverage on him."

2. How have you been fitting in with the competition at wideout?"I feel like I am right in the mix. It's a good competition; everyone is all skilled. The best player is probably going to win."

3. In what area do you need to improve the most in order to make the team?"Consistency all across the board in everything I do. If you make a big play, you need to come back and make another big play. You can never take a play off; you have to do it all over the board, whether it's the run game or the pass game."

4. How does playing with the Texans compare with your experience playing with the San Diego Chargers?"It's the NFL, and the only thing different is that it is a lot hotter in Houston. I like it down here in Houston, and the Texans are a great organization. It's about the same, but a very high-class organization."

{QUOTE}5. What are your thoughts on being back in Texas and playing the preseason game against the Cowboys?"Oh, man! I can't wait. Growing up in Dallas, I grew up as a Cowboys fan, and to come back to Texas to play in the NFL, I have a lot of friends and family rooting for me and to go back to Dallas and play the Cowboys on national television is very big-time for me."

6. What have you learned from playing alongside Andre Johnson?"To let the play go and to not worry about the things that you cannot control. When it comes to your time, you have to make the big play."

7. Who is your best friend in the NFL?"Probably Ellis Hobbs (cornerback, New England Patriots). We grew up together and have always been friends."

8. Which receiver, past or present, do you try to emulate?"I used to try to emulate Peter Warrick a lot. Growing up, I always wanted to be like Peter Warrick."

9. What would be your ideal SportsCenter highlight?"Probably a one-handed catch in the back of the end-zone over a DB"

10. What was it like to see your alma mater, Kansas, have so much success in college football last season?"Kansas is a great program, and to see them finally make it to a BCS bowl game, it shows that the program is going the right way and Coach (Mangino has the program going right where he wants it to go."

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