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10 questions with Studdard


Former Texas Longhorn Kasey Studdard is lining up at left guard behind Chester Pitts.

Kasey Studdard is in his second season out of the University of Texas. He is rotating at left guard behind Chester Pitts. Learn more about this former sixth-round draft pick below.

**1. How is the position battle at guard treating you?

*"It's been good. It's just a lot of learning for me, learning from these veteran guys. It's just like last year, but I have the plays down now finally. So I'm just working on the little things like technique and what to do when guys show different things."

2. How is it playing against defensive tackle Frank Okam, your former teammate at Texas?

*"It's fun. We get to talk some smack to each other a little bit. But we make each other better. That's the best thing."

3. One of Okam's talents is cooking. Can you comment on that?

"He can't grill, though. So if you can't grill, then you aren't a good cook, in my opinion."

4. How is training camp treating you your second time around?

*"A lot easier. It's not easy, by any means, but it's just my brains are not as stacked full of stuff."

5. How much football advice do you get from your dad and your uncle, who played in the NFL?

**"We talk around once a week. I get a lot from them. Ever since I've been a kid, I've been getting it. They just tell me little things. The same things as my coaches tell me out here. It's crazy how they all know it."

**6. Which team are you most excited to play this year?

**"Every team, every time I get on the field."

**7. Is there any player that you look forward to facing the most?

**"Casey Hampton (Pittsburgh Steelers). Shaun Rogers (Cleveland Browns). Because they are Texas boys and they are big (dudes) and you hear about them a lot and I want to see what I can do against them."

**8. What's it like working with assistant head coach Alex Gibbs and how's everyone picking up the zone scheme?

**"It's been hard work, but it's been really insightful. I'm learning a lot. I think we are picking up the zone scheme real well. We have a lot of things to iron out, but we are doing real well right now."

**9. Are you concerned about not being able to chop block yet in practice?

**"No, because we have four preseason games to get it going. We'll get it going by then."

**10. What do you think about the upcoming football season for the Longhorns?

**"I think the Longhorns are going to be good. They are good every year. They are going to be solid. They're young. I know Colt (McCoy) is going to have them out there ready and going."

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