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10 questions with Turk


Punter Matt Turk laughs off the rumor that Methodist Hospital discouraged him from kicking inside the Methodist Training Center because his punts routinely hit the ceiling.

Texans' punter Matt Turk is entering his 13th season in the NFL and second with the Texans. Turk is a very important part of the team but doesn't always get the recognition he deserves.

1. How did training camp go for you?
"Great. I stayed healthy. Being the only punter in camp, you have to be careful of how many reps you take, not kick too much. We worked on a lot of things that we needed to work on, and I feel good coming into the season."

2. What is it like playing in Houston after growing up in Milwaukee, Wisc.?
"It's not much different than playing in south Florida; this feels like south Florida weather to me. I played in Miami for five years. The heat and the humidity, I like it, so it feels good."

3. How do you deal with not getting a lot of recognition as a punter, despite being an important part of the team?
"Well, I'm used to it. I've been in the league for 15 years. I don't expect any more than should be expected by a punter. You go out there and you're trying to help your team win the field-position battle. If you do it, your coaches and teammates know, and that's all that really matters."

4. How have you lasted so long in the league?
"I've been blessed. I don't think there's really any specific recipe for it. You have to, by the grace of God, make it through. You have to take care of yourself, you have to eat right and you have to train."

5. What was going through your head during your "fake" punt in the preseason game against Denver?
"Oh, my run? Well, initially it was to get the first down but then I realized it was the preseason, so I was thinking, 'Let's make it through the preseason unscathed.' So, I went down probably a little bit earlier than I had to."

6. Do you think you showed coach Kubiak enough running skills for him to call a fake punt during the regular season?
"It's in there. The play is in there. Whether or not we call it, I guess you'll have to wait and see."

7. How did you originally get into punting?"I always did it. I always loved kicking the ball. I was in punt, pass and kick competitions as a kid and would enter those. I loved to throw it, I loved to kick it. I guess I was always the guy in the pee-wee leagues and in high school and in college that did it. So, I just stuck with it."

8. Did you win any of those punt, pass and kick competitions as a kid?"Yeah, I won a few."

9. Does a punter's workout regime differ from offensive or defense players' workouts?
"I think it depends on who the punter is. I try to train like I trained in college. I played tight end and linebacker on top of punter in college (at Wisconsin-Whitewater). I'm kind of a gym rat. I like to get in the gym and work out and lift like a regular football player. But I also realize that 75 percent of my longevity is going to be my flexibility, so I stretch a lot as well."

10. Do you know anything about the rumors of Methodist not wanting you to kick inside of the Methodist Training Center bubble because your punts hit the ceiling and caused damage?"Rumors (laughs). I haven't heard it from anybody's mouth, but the Bubble is a little bit lower than I would like to get my work in. But it is what it is."

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