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Houston Texans

10 questions with White


Chris White is backing up Mike Brisiel at right guard while Fred Weary nurses a hamstring injury.

Guard/center Chris White, a former member of the Green Bay Packers, is a promising and versatile offensive lineman entering his fourth NFL season. He is looking to snag a spot on the 53-man roster after suffering a torn ACL last year.

1. Do you feel more comfortable playing guard or center?

"I feel more comfortable playing center, but I'll do whatever it takes to help the team. If they want me to kick the field goal, I'll do it. Just whatever it is to help the team."

2. How well have you rebounded from your ACL injury last year?

"Pretty good. Once I get going on it, it pretty much feels the same as it did before."

3. How do you judge your performance in training camp so far?

"It could be better. I'm adjusting to some things. I'm playing a lot more guard than I'm used to. So I could be a lot better on things, but I'm still going, so I guess OK."

{QUOTE}4. What's the biggest difference in the Texans from training camp last year to this year?

"We are going to definitely run the ball a lot better. With this camp and the whole season, I think as far as offense, I think everyone seems to have bought into the whole scheme and the running game. I'm really thinking the run game is going to be better, and then if, in practice, the offense runs the ball better, then the defense defends the ball better. So it kind of balances out."

5. What part of your game are you focusing on the most during the preseason?
"Everything. My whole game in general. I need to improve on everything, so everything about my game."

6. How do you like to spend your free time away from the football field?

"I like to fish and I spent a lot of time this summer just grilling out at the house. Smoking meat and stuff like that."

7. Which part of your game are you focusing on the most this preseason?

"Everything. My whole game in general. I need to improve on everything, so everything about my game."

8. How did you get your nickname - Catfish?

"The story of Catfish is like this. When I was in Green Bay, the topic came up about dream homes. I mentioned that I wanted something plain and simple. I wanted a nice little house on some land, and I wanted a catfish pond way off in the distance. Well, (former Packers and Texans center) Mike Flanagan and them, I guess, assumed that I wanted to farm raise my own catfish. So when I got here, Mike Flanagan was here and Brad Bedell was here. So from the first day I got here, 'Catfish' came up."

9. Which player on the team has the funniest nickname?

"I don't know. I have to think about that one. I'm going to say Anthony Maddox, because he has several nicknames. Some people call him 'Milkman,' some folks call him 'Mad Dog.'"

10. Which team are you looking forward to playing the most this season?

"Green Bay. Going back up to Green Bay."

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