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12Q w/OLB Jonathan Greenard | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What are your nicknames?
Greenard: Oh, man. Jon. JG. Johnny Boy. Johnny G. I'm a Q, so they call me Q-Dog. There's a lot. 52. Five-Two.

2) DD: Wow, that's seven right off the bat. Do most people just call you Jon, though?
Greenard: So everybody calls me Jon. But my immediate family are really the only ones that call me Jonathan. My brother and sister will sometimes call me Jon-Thin. But when my mom calls me "Jon-a-than", it explains a whole lot and I know I'm in trouble.

3)DD: What are some things in your personal life that you like to get complimented on?
Greenard: I like when people realize off the field how much of a laid back and funny guy I am.

4) DD: You can sing a little bit, can't you?
Greenard: Yeah, I can. But nobody would know that unless they actually hear me singing around the house.

5) You sang well enough that you won a competition back in the day, didn't you?
Greenard: I wish I won. I won the part of the competition that got me to the big one. I was about in about seventh, eighth grade. We had a singing competition at McDonald's and I went against guys and girls in my age group, and I made it down to the final 12. Just getting there alone in itself was huge. There were 300 or 400 kids from the state of Georgia who showed up for it.

6) DD: With what three people that you aren't related to, would you most-like to eat dinner?
Greenard: Denzel Washington, first of all. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

7) DD: What's your favorite Denzel Washington movie?
Greenard: 'Training Day' is tough to beat.

8) DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?
Greenard: Dwight Freeney. I was always a receiver, tight end and stuff like that when I was younger. So I didn't watch a lot of film until I got to college. My freshman year of college, that's when I first started watching individuals and I saw him. He was always known for that spin move, and I started to implement that.

9) DD: What show did you love when you were a little kid?
Greenard: 'Rocket Power'. 'Blue's Clues', 'Little Bill'.

10) DD: What are you watching these days?
Greenard: I hardly watch TV anymore. But if I do, I'll probably try to catch 'First Take' or Skip and Shannon.

11) DD: Would you rather be a dragon or own a dragon?
Greenard: Hmm. I'd rather be a dragon.

12) DD: Thanksgiving is coming up. What's on your perfect Thanksgiving plate?
Greenard: I'm going to have two plates, actually. I got my turkey and my ham, and the chicken on the first plate. With my sides, I'm not a person that has OCD, so if they want to touch and mingle around, do what you want to do. Mac and cheese, greens, dressing with cranberry sauce, some cream corn. We have dinner rolls. My auntie was always known for making a chocolate cake. So having that chocolate cake on the side, hopefully I could get her the hint. If she can get me a chocolate cake mailed down to me, that'd be great.

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