12Q w/OT Roderick Johnson | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: If you were an animal, which animal would you choose to be?
Johnson: I'll be an elephant. They're dominant but still sweet, too.

2) DD: Who is your funniest teammate?
Johnson: Tytus Howard. It's not what he says, but it's just his personality. He's such a funny guy. I can't even say his name with a straight face.

3) DD: What are you going to do over the next few weeks with the free time?
Johnson: Relax. Recover. Probably hang out with family and friends.

4) DD: What is the grossest food in your opinion?
Johnson: Beets.

5) DD: Let's say you win a noon game at NRG Stadium on a Sunday. What's the perfect postgame meal?
Johnson: You can't go wrong with a good burger after a game. It really doesn't matter from where you get a good burger. I like burgers and good barbecue ribs.

6) DD: Ribs? What sides do you get with the ribs?
Johnson: Baked beans, mac and chesse, collard greens. You've got to get a peach cobbler to end it all.

7) DD: What are a few songs that you listen to before a game? Is there a set list? Does it vary?
Johnson: It's not really set, but it's kind of upbeat. Hip hop, R&B.

8) DD: You grew up in Saint Louis, so let's say you got to drive home, but you've got to make the road trip with some teammates. Which teammates are in the car?
Johnson: I'll take Brennan Scarlett. And Laremy Tunsil.

9) DD: What planet would you most like to visit?
Johnson: Why not go to Mars? I'm not too fond of Venus or Uranus. Maybe there's some stuff going on on Mars already that we don't know about.

10) DD: What would your career be if you were not playing football right now?
Johnson: I don't know. I tell the guys around here I could be I could be a security guard or a Wal-Mart greeter.

11) DD: Ok, what's your best Wal-Mart greeter line? What would you say if I walked in right now?
Johnson: "Sir? Where's your mask?"

12) DD: What's the app you wish you could delete from your phone, but just can't?
Johnson: Twitter.

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