7 Things You Don't Know About Mike Devlin

How well do you know the Texans coaching staff? We interviewed Houston's assistant coaches this offseason and learned some interesting facts, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with football.

Here are seven things you probably didn't know about the Texans new offensive line coach, Mike Devlin:

  1. Mike Devlin attended Quail Valley Junior High and Dulles High School in Sugar Land for two years before his family moved to New Jersey.
  1. His dad, John Devlin was linebackers coach for the Houston Oilers in the 1980's.
  1. Devlin had never crossed paths with Bill O'Brien prior to this job.
  1. In Iowa, he worked as a meat cutter's apprentice in college and made ham salads daily. Devlin advises against buying pre-made salads at stores.
  1. He played center for the Iowa Hawkeyes. His favorite collegiate memory was playing in the Rose Bowl in 1991.
  1. Devlin also played in Super Bowl XXVIII with the Buffalo Bills in January 1994, his rookie year in the NFL. That was his favorite memory as an NFL player, even though the Bills lost 30-13 to Dallas.
  1. Devlin is a superstitious guy. He and his wife get into a staged argument the night before each game.

"I was just dating my wife, which at the time was in college," Devlin said in an exclusive interview with Texans TV. "Before a game, I get intense and all that. Anyways, we got in a fight, like a legit fight. We ended up going out and playing pretty good, so that's been the deal for 20-something years. Even if we're not fighting, we've got to fake fight."

To see more of Devlin's interview, tune in to Texans 360 Saturday at 11 p.m. on ABC KTRK-13.

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