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Houston Texans

A trip of a lifetime


Hi, I am Edith and this coming year will be my fifth season as a Texans Cheerleader. I had a great experience this past week in Miami, Fla. that I want to share with all of you. I was invited by the Spanish game show, "Qué Dice la Gente?" to compete alongside four other NFL cheerleaders. This game show is the spanish version of Family Feud.

Las porristas (Spanish for cheerleaders) were my 'family' and we competed against El Grupo Contacto, which is a group of male actors and comedians from Mexico. We had a week-long challenge that consisted of five games.

I grew up watching "Family Feud," and being on the show was an opportunity of a lifetime for me! I was able to meet four other cheerleaders who share my passion for dance and football. We had a lot in common and they were all such great young women. They represented the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders. We had so much fun trying to win the prize money, but above that we were just trying to beat the guys!

The show is packed with unexpected turns and so much humor! Make sure to tune to Telefutura to see all of the fun and excitement! The show will air the week of May 21- May 25, 2007 on local channel 67 at 6 p.m. CT.

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