Activity, nutrition theme at Kids Triathlon Assembly at Horn Elementary


Friday morning was a blast for the students at Horn Elementary, as tight end Ryan Griffin, J.J. Moses and Texans cheerleaders helped congratulate those who participated in the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon presented by Texas Children's Hospital on April 19 at the University of Houston.

Eight hundred kids from Horn Elementary, including 100 that participated in the triathlon, were recognized for their efforts and encouraged to participate in next year's event. Horn Elementary fielded the fourth-largest team for last month's race, which was the largest kids triathlon event ever with 3,000 kids ages 6-15 taking part.

Texans ambassador and former NFL player J.J. Moses hosted the fun, upbeat and interactive assembly, where kids learned more about the triathlon, nutrition and the importance of health and exercise.

To start the assembly, Texans cheerleaders got the kids excited, getting all 800 kids to chant, "Houston! Texans!"

After the cheer, Brandon Adame shared his experience competing in over 40 triathlons. Despite being blind, Adame made it clear he doesn't let any obstacle get in his way and no challenge is too great for him to overcome. Although he started competing in triathlons just five years ago, he represented the United States at the 2013 London World Championships and has finished second three years in a row at the U.S. National Paratriathlon Championships in the blind category.

Friday morning was a blast for the students at Horn Elementary, as tight end Ryan Griffin and J.J. Moses helped kids learn about the triathlon, nutrition and the importance of health and exercise.

Following Adame's story, Texas Children's Hospital registered dietitian Michelle Taub had the kids help her determine the ideal plate to serve as a guide about the right goods to eat, including fruit, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy. She stressed that it's just as important to fuel your body properly as it is to exercise every day.

"This has been really awesome," Taub said of the event. "Texas Children's Hospital is really excited to partner with the Texans and really get kids out there and being more healthy and active for 60 minutes a day. It really makes you feel good about what you do and getting to come in here and seeing the smiling faces and know that you are making a difference in the future. They got some great guys to look up to here and I think they really had a good time today."

To show exactly what eating healthy looks like, and to have a little fun doing it, Texans tight end Ryan Griffin competed in and won a healthy eating contest, where he was the first of three to eat a carrot, a piece of whole grain bread and part of an apple. He also raced a student, and lost.

"This is what it's all about," Griffin said. "I never got a real opportunity when I was coming up to meet an NFL guy, so I just want to give back. These kids are so excited. They are full of energy."

If the kids take the same energy they had at the assembly and take it outside for 60 minutes a day, a healthy lifestyle is in store.

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