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Andre, Arian, Cushing close to returning

Three starters who didn't make the trip to Arizona may soon see action in preseason. Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Brian Cushing are close to returning, according to head coach Bill O'Brien.

The Texans offense could see a boost from the All-Pro running back and two-time All-Pro receiver in Saturday's game against the Atlanta Falcons. Both have missed most of camp with lingering issues but O'Brien hinted at the possibility they could play in the upcoming game.

"There is a shot. Yep, there is a shot," O'Brien said during his press conference on Sunday.

Cushing likely won't be ready for the preseason home opener at NRG Stadium, but O'Brien plans to ease the veteran inside linebacker into practice in the days ahead.

"He may do some things this week, but I would say that he probably would not play in the Atlanta game," O'Brien said.

Tom Savage, who appeared shaken up after a sack in the loss to the Cardinals, is also expected to back at practice this week. He was checked for concussion symptoms after the game.

"He's OK," O'Brien said. "After the game they go through a whole concussion test protocol and they felt like he would have been able to, if the game had continued there, he would have been able to go back into the game."

The Texans will hold joint practices with the Atlanta Falcons on August 13 and 14. Houston will host its preseason opener against the Falcons on Saturday, August 16 with kickoff scheduled for 7 p.m. on KTRK-13.


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