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Andre Johnson hopes to make Mallett's job easier

Andre Johnson will be catching passes from a new starting quarterback next week. With Ryan Mallett taking over as starter, Johnson plans to do what he can to make the fourth-year veteran's job easier.

"I think the guy can throw the ball," Johnson said of Mallett. "I think both of them can. I think the world of both of them. I support both of them. Both of them are my teammates. Whoever is out there, Mallett or Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick), I'm going to give them my best, do what I can, get open and help them."

Johnson had just two catches for 12 yards against the Eagles. Mallett referred to Johnson and the Texans explosive offensive weapons as getting the keys to a new Maserati. It will be his turn to drive in Week 11.

"I've got to get them the ball," Mallett said, referring to the wide receiver duo of Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins. "If I give them the ball and let them make plays, you know, that's my job. I'm obviously not the fastest guy in the world, so get those the ball and let them do their job."

After Sunday's 31-21 loss to Philadelphia, head coach Bill O'Brien didn't wait to make the switch, effectively starting the Ryan Mallett era and ending Fitzpatrick's nine-game stretch in 2014.

Johnson, a seven-time Pro Bowl receiver, isn't worried about adjusting to a new quarterback.

"I work with both of the guys," Johnson said. "I'm comfortable with both of them."

O'Brien announced his decision on Wednesday as the Texans head into their bye week. Houston faces the Browns in Cleveland on November 16.

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