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Houston Texans

Arian Foster scores trio of TDs at Tennessee

Arian Foster scored three touchdowns in as many quarters for the Texans, giving Houston a 27-3 lead over the Titans with 5:42 left in the third quarter. He rushed his way to a fourth-consecutive 100-yard performance on Sunday.

"This is a team game," Foster said after Sunday's win. "I can't do anything without the guys making the push that they did up front. But, anytime you get compliments from your teammates at this level it is always a good thing and always feels good. A lot of hard work goes into this – film study and working with the guys, the offensive line and gelling with them."

The three-time Pro Bowl running back first found the endzone after a 34-yard scoring run in the second quarter. The scoring run also marked the fourth consecutive game that Foster had a run of 30 yards or longer, another first in his career. On the Texans first possession of the third quarter at LP Field, Foster reached 100 yards on 16 attempts and added his second touchdown of the day on a five-yard catch.

"We had a lot of no-huddle drives today," Chris Myers said. "It was actually a little warmer than I thought it would be here. When you are huffing and puffing and stringing these runs together and then all of the sudden he (Foster) breaks out a 40-yard run or whatever it may be, it makes you feel real good as an offensive line. He gives you that cut up the sideline too."

Foster added his third touchdown on a one-yard run, set up by his 43-yard gain one play earlier. With the third score, Foster reached 144 yards rushing 18 carries, two rushing touchdowns, and one receiving. It is the third time in his career that Foster has scored three times in a single game.

"He's an important part of the offense," head coach Bill O'Brien said after Sunday's win. "I think he has a pretty good idea of what he can and can't do during a week. We talk a lot, he and I, about how much he can practice. Usually with guys like him and Andre (Johnson), those guys, we give them maybe Wednesday, a little bit lighter load on Wednesday's and then Thursday they ramp it up and then Friday kind of taper down, especially during this time of the year, and he's done that. I think that's helped him. That kind of work week has really helped him. Hopefully, we'll continue to be able to do that with him."

The Week 8 performance at Tennessee is Foster's 31st career 100-yard game. He also has eight touchdowns this season, seven rushing and two receiving. He finished the game with 173 yards from scrimmage, and 151 yards rushing on 20 carries.

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