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As Seen On Social: The Rock and Roy Lopez Tag Team

When he told a story about watching Dwayne "The Rock" growing up, Roy Lopez laughed, but never imagined his favorite wrestler would be listening. The Houston Texans rookie defensive lineman even had a VHS highlight video that he watched over and over again in his room.

"At the time, we didn't have enough for a flat screen in my room, so we just had a little box TV," Lopez recalled. "It was about this high and at the at the bottom, it had little VHS spot and I just popped it. It was literally called 'The Rock.' I just popped in The Rock video and I'd watch it. I don't know how many times a day, but I had the little action figure. My family's going to laugh when they see this, goodness gracious."

Lopez, who has started the past three games for Houston, lettered four years in wrestling at Mesquite High School in Arizona. He finished with a career record of 113-3 and earned two heavy-weight state championships.

In a tweet that quickly went viral with over 2,000 likes, Rock responded to a clip of The Deep Slant interview and a suggestion from the Houston Texans on Twitter account for a Roy Lopez-The Rock WWE tag team. Not only did The Rock agree to a wrestling tag team, he offered to set the edge on the defensive line and join Lopez for dinner and drinks afterwards.

The rookie could smell what The Rock was cooking and offered this:

Now that's a finishing move.

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