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Texans players react to Dameon Pierce's crazy performance | As Seen On Social 

When Dameon Pierce broke through the first, second and third levels of the Jaguars defense on a 20-yard run, it instantly became a highlight clip of the game.

In Pierce's fifth career NFL game, Pro Football Focus counted 17 missed tackles, a new PFF record. The rookie's big run contributed a big chunk of those missed tackles.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday's 6-6 game at Jacksonville, Pierce's big play set up his game-winning touchdown two plays later from the one-yard line.

Pierce gained even more traction on social media from his teammates.

The Texans offensive line has entered the chat:

Make room for the defensive linemen too:

President Pierce has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Check out the CBS postgame interview with Davis Mills and Pierce. At then end, CBS pans to a shot of Pierce's family/cheering section in the crowd:

Pierce currently ranks third in the AFC and fifth in the NFL with 412 rushing yards and three touchdowns through Week 5.

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