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Bachelorette Recap: Did Eazy Nwachukwu dodge elimination?

Not even a global pandemic could stop producers from filming a brand-new season of "The Bachelorette" in 2020. If professional sports can find success in a bubble, well so can America's favorite reality group dating show.

Instead of private jets to faraway destinations and popup surprise concerts to cap off once-in-a-lifetime dates, contestants filmed the 16th season at a resort in Palm Springs, California.

And inside that bubble lives former Texans wide receiver Eazy Nwachukwu.

In last week's season premiere, Eazy received a rose and avoided first-night elimination, but would Bachelorette Clare Crawley "catch" feelings for Nwachukwu with his easygoing nature and jokes in Episode 2?

Well, you had to watch an hour and fifteen minutes to even get to Eazy's group date, which followed Group Date No. 1 and a 1-on-1 therapy date before finally showing Eazy's group date, Strip Dodgeball.

I know.

The winning team would get extra time with an after party. The losing party would take a walk of shame back home to the other side of the bubble.

Play ball!

Eazy donned a headband and a red uniform which was good because the red team beat the blue team and only lost their shirt. The red team changed into evening wear and headed to their party while a near-naked blue team arrived back at the house to a very confused house of contestants.

Now, it's important to know that during the first group date, Clare gave the guys a piece of her mind when no one stepped up to whisk her away for some 1-on-1 time.

Clearly, Eazy is a veteran who has watched film and taking the coaching because he jumped up on his group date and wanted to get to know Clare.

"Eazy lights up a room," Clare said.

He also gave her a foot rub while they talked. Win-win. Overall, EZ didn't get himself sent home on the group date like Brandon (who apparently has never seen any season of the show).

But he also didn't get the group date rose (like Jason or was it Chason?).

But, like A LOT of annoying Bachelorette episodes in recent years, the end of the show was not the end of the rose ceremony so this recap also annoy you for not being able to answer the very question it asked.

At the five minutes of rose ceremony that we did see, Clare gave out one surprise rose to Blake, the Wildlife specialist from Ontario and blue-team sore loser who snuck back into the group date.

"Naaaah," Eazy exclaimed.

On a side note, Eazy is not the only professional athlete. He's got competition in Dale Moss, a 31-year old Pro Football player from Brandon, South Dakota. Dale played for the Green Bay Packers and spent time on practice squads for the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The only reason why this is important is because Dale has already unknowingly socially distanced himself from the rest of the pack. Clare declared on NIGHT ONE that Dale might be her future husband. Bachelorette diehards know that the two will leave the show early and a second bachelorette will arrive for the first-ever in-game substitution.

For now, Eazy safe for another week inside the Bachelorette Bubble!

Nwachukwu signed with the Texans as a college free agent following the 2013 NFL Draft and spent two seasons on the practice squad before being cut in 2015. The former Texas A&M standout is now a 29-year-old sports marketing agent in Newport Beach, California.

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