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Back to basics for Texans defense

The Texans defense is getting back to basics this week.

"Until we become more disciplined and do our job first, and that's what we've been working on this week," defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said Thursday. "We went back to basics and tried to get them to understand that it's a team deal, everybody has a responsibility and you have to take care of your responsibility and if you do that, then you can go help out."

The Texans defense are holding opponents to a third-down conversion rate of just 30.77 percent, the second-lowest in the NFL behind Denver (29.69), but teams are still averaging 114.2 yards rushing per game and 225.6 yards passing against Houston.

"Well you know what, they're just out playing us a lot of times," Crennel said. "Then sometimes our guys are guessing and trying to make a play, which opens up a seam. We've talked to them about - it's a team defensive thing. Everybody has to do their job before they try to help out. Even though you talk about it and remind them, but sometimes in the course of the game, that adrenaline is flowing. They try to make a play which opens up seams."

Vince Wilfork agrees.

The team is headed in the right direction with a renewed focus on fundamentals. Bad things happen, he said, when players are pressing to make plays.

"I think the past couple weeks, we were pressing so much because you have so many guys that made plays in their career and are still in their prime," Wilfork said. "They want to make those plays. They want to be that one to change the game around, but when you're getting three, four, five, six guys trying to do that, now you're team is out of whack. I think we felt that's where we were headed, so it was good to get back to basics and fundamentals and come back down to earth a little bit. I think we've done a great job this week."

The Texans begin a two-game road tour of Floriday, facing Jacksonville on Sunday and Miami in Week 7.

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