Bill O'Brien, Duane Brown's messages to team

The Texans head into a 10-day stretch coming off back-to-back losses to Atlanta and Indianapolis. There's still a lot of season left, says head coach Bill O'Brien. The key is to not lose focus with 11 games, nearly 70 percent, of the season remaining.

"We all got to work together, we got to stick together and we got to figure out how to get over the hump here," O'Brien said in the locker room Thursday night. "That was not good tonight. Anytime you come out on the losing end, it's not good. Were there some good things tonight? Certainly there were, just like in any football game but certainly not enough. Too many penalties, turnovers again, no takeaways again, had trouble stopping the run, had trouble running it at times, but I believe in the guys in that locker room."

Duane Brown agrees. The talent level is too high to give up on the team. The Texans have to shake off Thursday night's 27-20 loss to Indianapolis and bounce back.

"We just have to believe in ourselves and the talent that we have on this team," Duane Brown said Friday. "I think that's the message that I tried to spread to the team last night and something that we just have to think about throughout the weekend. We have all the talent in the world on this team, but the whole league is talented so I think you just have to believe in the process, believe in the preparation that we have throughout the week, and put it all together on Sunday."

Houston will begin a two-game tour of Florida, facing Jacksonville and then Miami in Week 6 and 7, before returning to NRG Stadium again.

"I think when we play with confidence, you can see the kind of team we have," Brown said. "You can see our potential come out but you know, I think we just can't let bad plays or bad moments just drag on. You've got to let things go and continue to play with confidence."

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