Both Mallett, Hoyer capable of being starter

After ten OTA sessions, Bill O'Brien isn't ready to name a starting quarterback. Both Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett have shown they are capable of being the starter, he said Friday.

"These two guys are competing really well; they're very bright guys," O'Brien said. "I think they've both had really good springs. I really do. I think whichever guy is the guy that ends up being the starter, he'll do a good job for our football team. And whoever's not the starter, is going to do a good job for our football team too. That guy might be named next week. He might be named after the Redskins three days of practice. It may be after the San Francisco preseason game."

Since players aren't in pads and there are no contact drills, O'Brien and his staff will rely on other qualities in evaluating the quarterback position: how they are in meetings, how they practice, and what types of decision they make relative to what has been coached.

"I don't think there's a situation here where one guy has just been that much better on any given day then the other guy," O'Brien said. "They both practice very well. These guys command at the line of scrimmage. Both these guys know how to run an offensive huddle in pro football. They're leaders, so I think it's helped our team. Like I said, when the timing is right, when I feel good about who that guy is going to be, we'll make a decision."

The Texans will begin three days of mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, June 16.

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